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  1. RIP Dan Wheldon

    1. Forever_Habs10


      Yes....horrific accident.

  2. Exactly. Still, we'll have to see him play in the pros before judging from now, but his development has been decent so far. Last year was a disappointment in comparison to his freshman year, but that's still no reason to completely write him off. This year should be the year where Kristo plays as one of UND's best players before making the jump to the pros next season.
  3. Yes, they are in the same team, both play for Michigan
  4. He will definitely rip the WHL up this season. 3 goals, 5 points for him today, giving him a total of 9 points in 4 games so far.
  5. According to RDS's Renaud Lavoie, Campoli should be out for a few months. (http://twitter.com/#!/renhockey) Bad news
  6. Phil DeSimone HEIGHT: 6' 0" WEIGHT: 193 SHOOTS: LEFT BORN: 19 MAR 1987 BIRTHPLACE: EAST AMHERST, NY, UNITED STATES Signed an AHL contract with the Habs/Bulldogs this morning. One year, two-way deal, a carbon copy of Desharnais' first pro contract.
  7. Except in emergency situations, which is still highly unlikely. He cannot play in the AHL this year either, as he is still 19. The WHL it will be for him this season.
  8. His rights do not belong to the Canadiens anymore, they had until August 15th to sign him. Patrick Johnson is now a free agent.
  9. J'ai tirer dans le vide pour les forfaits hier. Mais je compte bien ré-essayer samedi prochain pour les gros matchs importants (Boston)
  10. I do not doubt that for a second. Would have had to pack a hell of a suitcase though.
  11. feels good to be back. Nice trip to Europe. Picked up a European cold. Was down a few days, now I'm back on my feet.
  12. Nice read. Hopefully he does well enough to make Canada's WJC team! Doesn't hurt that his junior coach, Don Hay, is also the head coach of Team Canada.
  13. I use Chrome and the forum loads pretty quickly. IMO, Chrome and Firefox are both superior to IE.
  14. Avis à tous les membres. À partir de maintenant, chaque message que vous faites dans cette section du forum, intitulée 'Le Grenier', comptera vers votre nombre de message total sur le babillard. Bonne soirée!
  15. Indefinitely.