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  1. RIP Dan Wheldon

    1. Forever_Habs10


      Yes....horrific accident.

  2. getting your wisdom teeth removed sure sucks

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    2. AK-1


      i'm good for now but on painkillers. eating soup and only soup is boring. I miss real food.

      and CRB, they gave me a choice between wisdom+suffering or opposite of wisdom + relief. I guess I chose the latter

    3. Bud2790


      Lucky me, they told me I have like 95% chance of having enough room to keep my wisdom teeth.

    4. uncivilengineer


      Just try not to get dry socket like I did when I had mine surgically removed..... That seaweed stuff they put in the hole is TERRIBLE!

  3. AK-1

    Alright, that's cool man.

  4. AK-1

    It's cool. Did the Leafs convert you to their religion, yet?

  5. AK-1

    So you're back.

  6. zOMG, a leafer got to 1000.

  7. you a fool, it's 195.

  8. He's still 38 posts away yo.

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