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  1. It's not too bad for an elite young player like Stamkos with back-to-back 90 point seasons.

    Crosby signed for 8.7

    Malkin signed for 8.7

    Ovechkin signed for 9.5

    All 3 signed as RFAs. Not to mention that Stamkos signed when the salary cap was higher. The only thing negative is the fact that it brings him straight to UFA status. Good news for the rest of the league if he goes to market though.

  2. As difficult a stretch as Benny's going through, we'll need him going forward. We can't ask Weber, Pyatt, Moen, and White to contribute offence and once we hit a game where neither of the top two lines produces, we'll need someone else to step it up. That could be Eller or DD or it could be Pouliot. The kid just has to learn the right way to play under pressure and if the goal is to make a Cup run, that has to be with the guys who are supposed to be there. Maybe you sit Benny for one game, but after that, I think you need to come back to him and stick it out. I'd really like to see Benny put back with Halpern on the other wing and Eller in the middle. They have chemistry and I think that may be a key to getting him going again. I'd keep Pyatt with DD and White.

    I see where you're coming from. If both Kostitsyn and Halpern come back, who sits? Weber and? My money's on Pouliot.

    He didn't produce in last year's playoffs and his play so far doesn't make me believe it's gonna be any different this year. If he can't produce offensively, then just don't see any reason for him to be in the lineup. And it really seems like he's shying away from the physical play in comparison to the regular season.

  3. Weber's been very good in his limited role and he had chances in the couple of regular season games he played up front too. But that said, I think if we have the chance to get AK or Halpern back in, Weber has to sit.

    I wouldn't take Pyatt out right now. He's hustling and causing problems for the B's D with his speed, so to me, he stays in right now.

    At this point, I'd keep Weber in at forward over Pouliot. He's simply not contributing. He's a liability defensively and cannot generate anything in the defensive zone.

    Not to mention that the insertion of Weber at forward gives Martin some flexibility in case of injury.

  4. Dont hold your breath, he received a standing O at the garden in the bruins first "post incident" game. The crowd at the Garden has always behaved like cavemen (as a group, I know there are Bruins fans that are normal intelligent people) , you cant expect them to make a sudden sprint up the evolution chain.

    Mob mentality too. Not to mention that it doesn't help when those Boston radio announcers are so clueless.

    To know what I'm referring to, go to http://www.team990.com/sound_bytes/view/session/team_990_audio_clips/1/

    and listen to Tony Marinaro Speaks with The Sports Hub

    Tony Joins Boston's 98.5 FM, The Sports Hub

  5. Hamrlik accepterait une diminution de salaire pour demeurer avec le CH:

    Roman Hamrlik est l'un de ces quatre défenseurs qui seront libres comme l'air le 1er juillet. Le Tchèque de 36 ans voit les choses évoluer et il a déjà pris parti: il a confié à La Presse qu'il accepterait moins d'argent ainsi qu'un rôle plus effacé afin de terminer sa carrière dans l'uniforme du Canadien.

    «C'est certain que je le ferais, a lancé Hamrlik. Ce n'est pas une question d'argent. À l'âge où je suis rendu, c'est important d'être confortable là où je suis. Or, je suis heureux à Montréal, je me suis fait des amis au fil des ans et je ne veux plus déménager.


    C'est une très bonne nouvelle, et je serais heureux de le voir revenir. Il est un défenseur fiable et je crois qu'il serait très bon en tant que 4e-5e-6e défenseur.

  6. 39 games, 2 goals, 17 assists. Not bad for our young defender. He's 22 or 23, I think. Perhaps he could be NHL ready in another year or two!? :unsure:

    Yup, he's pretty surprising for a undrafted college signee. Hopefully there is some untapped potential in this young man.

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