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  1. Hamrlik accepterait une diminution de salaire pour demeurer avec le CH: http://www.cyberpresse.ca/sports/hockey/201102/07/01-4367923-hamrlik-accepterait-un-role-moindre-pour-finir-sa-carriere-a-montreal.php?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=cyberpresse_B13b_canadien_427188_section_POS1 C'est une très bonne nouvelle, et je serais heureux de le voir revenir. Il est un défenseur fiable et je crois qu'il serait très bon en tant que 4e-5e-6e défenseur.
  2. getting your wisdom teeth removed sure sucks

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    2. AK-1


      i'm good for now but on painkillers. eating soup and only soup is boring. I miss real food.

      and CRB, they gave me a choice between wisdom+suffering or opposite of wisdom + relief. I guess I chose the latter

    3. Bud2790


      Lucky me, they told me I have like 95% chance of having enough room to keep my wisdom teeth.

    4. uncivilengineer


      Just try not to get dry socket like I did when I had mine surgically removed..... That seaweed stuff they put in the hole is TERRIBLE!

  3. Yup, he's pretty surprising for a undrafted college signee. Hopefully there is some untapped potential in this young man.
  4. He's our yearly #20, eh? Mike Johnson Bryan Smolinski Robert Lang Jay Leach Ryan O'Byrne ... James Wisniewski
  5. honestly, 50 in 50 isn't out of reach for this kid. The sky is the limit.
  6. Regarding MaxPac (910k) and White (850k), they would each make more money in the NHL then Darche (500k), Pyatt (500k), Boyd (650k) and Halpern (600k). It all came down to numbers. There would have to be a somewhat significant margin between the young players and the vets in order to justify keeping the young gun. Not to mention that we'd need to keep at least one player in the pressbox as the 13th forward, and I'd rather it be a veteran than a young player who needs to play. We are tight on the salary cap right now, hence why Martin only wanted to carry 22 players until Markov came back from injury. Despite that, I agree in essence that White could replace Moen and his $1.5M. Moen hasn't shown much to me so far.
  7. He made huge saves tonight on Toews, Hossa, Kane, Keith, Seabrook, Campbell, Sharp, Bolland. Nice to see him do well. But yeah, it's preseason. The real deal starts in less than a week.
  8. Perhaps Ben Bishop has established himself as the new #1 in St. Louis? .... kidding, folks.
  9. I was on the money though. Guess who was the talk of the town today? The Blues' backup Ben Bishop (who?) handed Blues' fans a solid performance in a 5-1 win the very next night of Halak's mediocre 15/18 night. what's the conclusion to draw here? there aren't any. It's preseason.
  10. cue the heart attacks and the bomb threats.
  11. Maybe it's just the rust, but preseason or not, it's still bad... for both goalies. Shouldn't be an area of concern though.
  12. Still, 15/18 is bad. You'd expect more from an NHL goaltender. If Price had that kind of pre-season performance, you'd know what the talk of the town would be the next day.
  13. mind-blowing. It's almost like junk-food, television style.
  14. which source is more credible, less likely to be biased?
  15. Alexander Avtsin HEIGHT: 6' 2" WEIGHT: 198 SHOOTS: RIGHT BORN: 19 MAR 1991 (AGE 20) BIRTHPLACE: MOSCOW, RUSSIA DRAFTED: MTL / 2009 NHL ENTRY DRAFT ROUND: 4TH (109TH OVERALL) PROSPECT BIO QUOTE LIBRARY "Avtsin is a GM’s dream: a sized player with “Russian” skills and a desire to play in the NHL. [...] He had a good season in the KHL, even if he didn’t receive enough much ice-time and an injury ended his season early." - Alessandro Seren Rosso
  16. #72 Mathieu Carle BioStatsVideoDraft Class
  17. #61 Ben Maxwell BioStatsVideoDraft Class
  18. Chuck House Entourage Breaking Bad Jersey Shore ^all awesome.
  19. Stephen Strasburg is a frieking stud. 14 Ks (and no walks) in his first career MLB start, on only 94 pitches...
  20. oh yes. Season 3's finale was awesome too. The actress playing Sarah Walker is just gorgeous.
  21. Intéressant; honnêtement, moi j'aime aussi ça avoir des équipes jeunes. Et puis, j'en reviens pas. Giroux contre Miettinen? hahaha. Pour le VRAI draft, j'ai trouvé un fichier updater sur internet avec les vrais prospects (Hall, Seguin et co.) alors j'trouve ça vraiment plus amusant
  22. Nouvel alignement, be-a-gm. Max Pacioretty - Mike Richards - Nathan Horton Dan Carcillo - Ryan Getzlaf - Kyle Okposo Mathieu Darche - Ryan White - Zack Stortini Derek Boogard - Dominic Moore - Georges Laraque Andrei Markov - Shea Weber Marc-André Bergeron - Brent Seabrook Scott Hannan - Drew Doughty Carey Price - Jaroslav Halak ---- 2 lignes d'attaque potable, 2 autres lignes d'attaque robuste; excellente défensive. J'ai vraiment 'focuser' sur les gros bonhommes.
  23. Colts par 3. Vinatieri avec un game-winning field goal avec 0 secondes au cadran.
  24. Seems to be a very streaky player. Started off really well, cooled down a bit then seems to have picked it up. Can't wait to see him in Hamilton next season.
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