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  1. 1- House (superbe, Hugh Laurie) 2- 24 (plein d'action, comme toujours) 3- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (émission anglaise&américaine, mais ça me fait marrer à chaque fois)
  2. And we thought Souray and Streit were bad defensively... this guy is worse.
  3. He's been pretty awesome the last few games. Props. & hopefully he'll stay up for the next while.
  4. so, um, what's our winning percentage with Metro in the lineup?
  5. Great shot but too many brain farts.
  6. yet Saku was our captain for so long. Our heart and soul for so many years. Saku @3.25? anytime please.
  7. awesome. nice to see that he's doing well. I won't get my hopes up too much but I really hope that he along with Avtsin come on over.
  8. I thought he played better than his -3 may indicate. He worked out those little details, breaking up some plays on the backend. Like you said brian, it was his first game in a looong while, so we'll see what happens from now on.
  9. defensive abilities, or lack there of. But hey, I am willing to give him a chance
  10. Who says he didn't do anything? The French media?
  11. When you don't know who to blame, blame the captain. Is Saku also responsible for global warming & wars, and will he be responsible for the end of the world in 2012?
  12. Good call. I guess we were too shocked by the suddenness of the move to react!
  13. Perhaps it's a message not only to Sergei, but also to the other young players (ie Lats, Pacioretty & D'Ago) that this team is serious. No more fooling around or slacking off. Or it also could be that he was one of the only players (Pacioretty is the other) that could bypass the waiver system.... Chipchura is injured and still has not been cleared to play.
  14. Justement, s'il agit de la sorte, il faut qu'il change son attitude. Le joueur ne passe pas avant l'équipe.
  15. Jacques Martin a sûrement ses raisons pour avoir ce qu'il a fait. Espérons juste que Sergei prendra ceci comme un coup de pied au derrière.
  16. And that is the unfortunate reality. Now I just hope he doesn't threaten to bolt to the KHL...
  17. Granted, but the other 'final cuts' are still here and will be going to the team bonding in TO... Maxwell, Carle, Stewart, Weber. Maybe JM wants to see firsthand how Sergei will react to such a decision.
  18. This is interesting to say the least. Not that he was cut but rather the fact that he was the only one cut today. Why only Kostitsyn and not Weber/Carle/Pyatt?
  19. Geez, it's a mistake. It wasn't the first time someone made one and it won't be the last time. That's what practising is for, is it not? And the coach is there to correct those mistakes. I don't know why there is this fuss over it.
  20. #28 KYLE CHIPCHURA Position: Centre Shoots: Left Height: 6' 2" Weight: 204 Born: 19 Feb '86 (Age 23) Born in: Westlock, AB, Canada Drafted: Montréal's 1st round choice, 18th overall, in 2004 Acquired: 1st pick (18 overall), 2004 NHL Entry Draft http://canadiens.nhl.com/team/app?page=Pla...mp;service=page
  21. Nah, I'm kidding man; I didn't want to feel like I was imposing my agenda, lol. Feel free to use your Lucic siggy, haha.
  22. Or how about my enemy is my enemy? I hate Boston and Lucic is on Boston.
  23. Nice, I really like the Lucic sig even if it is Lucic, nice effects and stuff. Pen tool, right? lol, having a Lucic sig and having 'go habs go' written under seems contradictory to me... haha.
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