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    Alright, that's cool man.

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    It's cool. Did the Leafs convert you to their religion, yet?

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    So you're back.

  4. And so the Phillies win the World Series! Congrats.
  5. 1- Alexander Ovechkin 2- Pavel Datsyuk 3- Evgeni Malkin 4- Rick Nash 5- Andrei Markov 6- Niklas Lidstrom 7- Marc André Fleury 8- Chris Osgood 9- Nicklas Backstrom 10- Andrei Kostitsyn 11- Marc Savard 12- Mike Richards 13- Martin St-Louis 14- Paul Stastny 15- Tomas Holmstrom 16- Olli Jokinen 17- Carey Price 18- Sean Avery
  6. Guy Carbonneau Position: Head coach Born in Sept-Îles on March 18, 1960, Guy Carbonneau became the 28th Head Coach in Montreal Canadiens history on May 5, 2006. He had made a second home coming with the Canadiens’ organization on January 14, 2006, as Associate Coach to Bob Gainey. Starting in 2002-03, Carbonneau was Assistant General Manager with the Dallas Stars, the team he ended his playing career with in July 2000. In August 2000, he made his first comeback with the Canadiens as Supervisor of Prospect Development. In November 2000, he joined the Canadiens’ coaching staff. Carbonneau had a stellar 19-year career as a centreman in the NHL, winning three Stanley Cups, two with the Canadiens (1986 and 1993) and his last one with the Stars (1999). The Sept-Iles native played 13 seasons with the Canadiens, including five as the team’s captain (1989-1994). In Montreal, he won the Frank Selke Trophy on three different occasions (1988, 1989 and 1992) and played in 912 games, 10th highest total in team history. Carbonneau scored 221 goals and 326 assists for a total of 547 points. He also played in 161 playoff games with the Canadiens, 5th highest among all Canadiens’ players, and collected 73 points, including 30 goals. After one season with the St. Louis Blues (1994-95) and five with the Dallas Stars, he retired after playing in 1318 games in the NHL registering 663 points, including 260 goals. Carbonneau was the Canadiens’ third round pick (44th overall) in 1979. In four seasons with the Chicoutimi Saguenéens, he collected 171 goals and 435 points in 273 games. He had his best season in 1979-80, with 72 goals and 182 points in 72 games, and a berth on the QMJHL 2nd All-Star Team. That same season, he added 24 points, including nine goals in 12 playoff games. Carbonneau renewed his ties with the Saguenéens in 1999 when he became president of the team. In 2004-05, the QMJHL created a trophy in Guy Carbonneau’s name, which is awarded annually to the league’s best defensive forward. http://canadiens.nhl.com/team/app?service=...direct_hOD_1994
  7. J'ai joué le démo avec le Be-A-Pro mode. Réaliste comme jeu, vraiment. J'ai joué avec Zetterberg et j'ai fini avec 1 but et 2 passes dans une victoire de 3-0 contre les Penguins. Mes notes: - Position sur la glace: A- - Jeu de l'équipe: A+ - Statistiques personnelles: A+ Vraiment impressionné par la version de cette année
  8. 1) Draper a le numéro 33. 2) Sundin est droitier. 3) Sundin ne porte pas des patins Bauer. ... oops un peu en retard. Désolé.
  9. Première partie de l'année, contre les Tiger-Cats. Vu que Ben Cahoon était blessé, c'est Stala qui tenait le ballon lors des placements / transformations (après touchdown).
  10. Profile Name: Steve Quailer Position: RW Shoots: Left Height: 6-3 Weight: 185 lbs Birthdate: 1989-08-05 Drafted: 3rd round - 86th overall (Montreal Canadiens) Hometown: Arvada, Colorado[/code]</div> Talent Analysis Quailer has excellent breakaway type of speed and a good stride. He has good hands and shoots the puck well. He has good playmaking ability, good vision and is able to play any one of the forward positions. He utilizes a very quick release, not generally winding up but is able to snap the puck from all areas of the ice. Quailer is very strong on the puck and is able to protect in the corners. The Colorado native is naturally strong but he still needs to fill out his frame. He hasn’t been working out off the ice as some players might be doing at this point in their early careers. It has been noted that he should focus on going hard to the net and burying the puck when he gets his chances. Once his confidence levels rise a long with maturity, he’s appears to be a strong diverse power upfront. Future Quailer has had a lot thrown at him over the last year coming to the USHL from midget AAA in Colorado. He has adjusted to that change and has been noticed for his play. He will continue to develop in the NCAA, as he has committed to Northeastern University for the fall of 2008. http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/5484
  11. QMJHL is all out offense, no defense. Worst learning place for a defensively challenged player. OHL combines the offense with some defense. WHL has the toughness, the rough stuff with the defense.
  12. He will most likely be drafted in the CHL import draft coming up next week (June 26th). I'm just hoping he ends in the OHL or the WHL, where he can develop the physical and defensive aspect of the game, something I don't think he would be able to do in the QMJHL.
  13. LOL! Tu sais que ça va mal quand ....
  14. go ahead just put this code into your signature. [img=http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/4562/032208copyja1.png]
  15. Just had to make a sig from the pic found in the GT; http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/4562/032208copyja1.png
  16. Hey, bien regardons cela: 80 membres fêtent leur anniversaire ce jour FanofDublin(28), habs6091(2), PeterHammon(28), Habhaterforever(70), laureliset(60), NeonLights97(28), sonic0072(19), Jesse Comeau(38), MattJargin(28), Leafs_Fan08(18), GeraldCortis(28), PilotJargon(28), KyleCuttin(28), PaulChamil(28), PeterJargon(28), HabAttacl(43), SergeSavard(43), HeatIssue(28), XJRstyle(28), WingsWednesday(28), tsa(33), GDF(58), HereforYou(28), MyOwnStyle(28), GettinHiggyWithIt(28), 000alpha000(30), adele(28), ingenue(26), lewmab9(48), chocolate(100), FreedomOfSpeech101(28), Mannyloveshabs(38), soccerlivematches(29), bigman(27), rlarouc(37), bob knight(38), mozzi3(34), NilanKnuckles(37), Fasldfssj(30), balda28(30), Alibaba75(30), aska8888(30), pretty(38), TheQuestFor’25’IsAlive(2), juices(26), montreal123(18), 1blabla(16), Nicolas1000(36), Grabovsky's_fan(28), Grab's_fan(28), Don_Cherry_says(38), angelinam(28), Habantic(78), bert(38), dvandal(34), Cinderelly(32), pat68(40), Hockey Box(21), Temporary(21), MannyLopez(34), GetHiggyWithIt21(28), habsfan13(20), Safetee11(28), ibraichev-pavel(25), Crederer(21), Filmania(22), adrmr(39), Youppi!(22), coxell(28), Dimmidi(24), MR BIG(30), huet39#1fan!!!!(20), floaters07(22), fattykoo(28), Habs_man56(106), habfan50(51), Melou(18), drAibolit(35), SIXX(100), The Future is coming(2)
  17. Il y a des très bons sujets faits sur le côté anglo si vous voulez y jeter un p'tit coup d'oeil.
  18. Looks okay but text is decent. Would need more to it. PS: 800x600 has become too small nowadays I use 1600x1200 or 1162x864 now.
  19. It would be better if you developed your "own" style, as she might have done previously.
  20. Nice, MARKOV! If you don't mind me asking, which program do you use to make those clips?
  21. Would you mind sending me the downloadable version?
  22. Where did you get that song? Niiiccceee clipp. Brillant.
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