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  1. Looks nice. It's just that the red is a bit too intense for me Perhaps lower the contrast? Needs even more detail, and some lighting on Latendresse's face. The cut is a bit uhh, well seems like part of his face is missing. ------- V2 of my Kostopoulos wall : http://www.o2designz.com/forum/uploads/U312-1194805501.png
  2. .... 1825 pages et 36487 posts plus tard... je gagne? 3000 posts!
  3. Haha, didn't feel like cutting much so I basically zipped through it
  4. I took the picture at the Jamboree... As for the sig, I think it needs some text and thopse effects (with the ink scrawling down the squares) look out of place. Looks nice though. Captain K for the win!
  5. First serious GFX in a while; made a simple wall for my desktop --- Tom Kostopoulos:
  6. Looks good. The Koivu picture just looks a bit LQ.
  7. Looks good, i just think it's lacking depth and detail.
  8. Le gardien se doit d'effectuer l'arrêt dans des situations comme cela, en fin de match avec l'égalité. Il a laissé pas 1, mais 2 mauvais buts ce soir.
  9. Nice job. Can't wait for the Carey Price wall, Ace!
  10. Raikkonen peut célébrer maintenant
  11. If you want Habs' ones, follow the link: http://forum.canadiens.com/index.php?s=&am...st&p=977193
  12. Yep! Mariano Rivera strikes out Hafner on 3 pitches. Yankees win, yankees win, YANKEES WIN! 8-4 is the final score.
  13. Damon hits a 3 run jack and the Yankees lead!
  14. Yeah, seems like "Who's that fool who's taking a picture of me?"
  15. yeah, it's a bit overcontrasted. Made a wallpaper from the Jamboree pictures I took. Went for the simple look. http://www.psdcentral.net/forums/fileuploa...-1190686362.png
  16. HA! I didn't make it. I stopped weeks ago.
  17. Too plain, no wow factor, text is average. Sorry for the rough comments lol.
  18. Stock image are random images that can be found here or on any other sites and they can be used to add texture, depth and / or style to your backgrounds and stuff. How you do that? By playing with different tools and settings (including filters) in Photoshop. PS: Everyone goes thru a learning period. Been there, done that.
  19. No, I wasn't implying that, .scott. asked a question, I answered it You're getting better though. Just try to play with everything under your nose. Bringing in stock images also helps.
  20. If you want the player like on Alex's Streit sig to be semi-transparent, you need to play with the opacity and fill settings. A layer with 100% will be normal while a layer with 0% opacity will NOT be visible. However, if you stick it in between at 50%, it will give you a semi transparent render.
  21. yeah, new layer, and then apply the image.
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