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  1. yeah, and then erase parts that don't look good.
  2. 2nd one is better. You just gotta blend the dude in. One way of doing so is applying the image and then using the displace filter.
  3. yeah. sometimes. Just gotta get rid of the parts that don't look good or look messed up.
  4. It's decent. Picture looks a bit LQ. And text doesn't cut it. The rest is good though! I felt tempted to make a website for all my GFX stuff.
  5. talk about laying down a beating...
  6. tabarouette, #35408 posts??? uhh 35409 maintenant.
  7. i havent been this bored in my entire life..
  8. Looks nice! sunone? But the flower's probably there to show Markov's sensitive side of things.
  9. or.. make a new layer, fill it with black with the paint bucket, take a 100px soft brush (with the desired color) and give it a tap on the player. Then set the layer to color dodge and that should do it!
  10. New Maxim Lapierre Wallpaper! Hope you like it better than the Kovy one
  11. Alright, thanks for the comments. Will probably make a Lapierre wallpaper next. PS: New sig is in place!
  12. Pretty nice alex. Text needs work but it's still a good sig! New Wallpaper: http://www.psdcentral.net/forums/fileuploa...-1186968350.png
  13. lol, le seul que j'ai rencontré, c'était Maxim Lapierrre après la partie des Bulldogs au Centre Bell.
  14. lol, i thought it would be a brawl or something or even more likely, another Yankees beating on the Jays
  15. noo... but is anything special happening?
  16. I had to mess around with the pen tool. Only done with pen tool!
  17. People hardly ever post there, stuff posted there goes unoticed, unlike here.
  18. What I mean is that, the background is kinda plain, with just some color. You could try to incorporate some texture into your background, hence adding some 'depth'
  19. It's nice. Kinda lacks depth in the background.
  20. Michael Ryder Wallpaper - went for the simple look
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