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  1. Sometimes, not enough is not good enough
  2. Oh and one more thing, I find it's lacking contrast.
  3. It's nice but seems very 'empty'. Perhaps a little more lighting?
  4. The text is each sigmaker's worst nightmare
  5. Here's some more advice: Change the pictures & text from Stegall to Cahoon. Would look much, much better in my opinion. And the pictures are kind of choppy. Otherwise, it's fine!
  6. zOMG, a leafer got to 1000.

  7. It's a bunch of distorts < displace. Along with the smudge tool. Never forget, the random render/stock. And brightness/contrast & gradient maps. ps: you know how to reach me on MSN
  8. meh, a bit disappointed with this one.
  9. I'm rocking a new sig.. well kinda. Click on my sig and you get my wall
  10. Made a Habs wallpaper, feel free to use it. http://img186.imageshack.us/img186/1083/jarocreditsb2.jpg Comments?
  11. you a fool, it's 195.

  12. He's still 38 posts away yo.

  13. Firefox lets you right click and save the pictures. That's another reason (the 1000000th) why Firefox is better than IE. Anyways, as for the pictures, you can find a huge enormous gallery of high-quality pictures here: http://www.psdcentral.net/pictures/
  14. Terrence Edwards doit être en train de rire de nous à présent
  15. Our defensive help in the farm is quite thin if you compare it to the offensive.
  16. Thanks for the headsup/analysis. Anyone know if Russell has a year of junior eligibility left or if he can go to Hamilton or Cincinnati next season? PS: Try keeping Caps Lock "off" next time.
  17. Welcome. Good to see people from different countries Cheers!
  18. made a Jack Bauer signature http://img472.imageshack.us/img472/9209/jackbauer6kl6.jpg
  19. If you have time, sure. If you don't, it's ok too.
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