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  1. I am almost certain the Canadians are going to win tonight. I will definitely be watching the game on TV. Go Canada Go!
  2. Now, if I were Philips I'd wave that no trade clause before they even ask. I'd packed about two weeks ago just waiting for that call. Ottawa is definitely cleaning house and won't be a contender for the next 5 years. I'd rather have Brewer instead of Philips though. From Ottawa I'd go for one guy and one guy only...Chris Neil. Man, I wish we could land this guy. This trade is really leading me to believe either Spacek is really seriously injured or he is finished in Montreal and PG is keeping him out so he doesn't get injured before being traded. I'm really hoping for the latter. Welcome back, Mara!
  3. 5th rounder. So basically we traded Laps for Mara. Would rather have Mara on the blueline than Nash. So overall I'm satisfied with the deal. Yes, I would have loved to see something a bit more earth shattering but there is still another week plus to go. Hopefully PG makes the big moves then.
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