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  1. Hamrlik should not be signed. The money should be put towards Markov, Wiznewski, Gorges and the forwards. Wiznewski is only 26 and we can all see what he is capable of. Add Wiz to probably Markov and Weber with Subban show a dangerous PP on the back end. Wisnewski is a solid 18 - 20 minutes per game as well. Gorges is a plus player who is a minute eater and can contribute to the penalty kill. A much younger and capable replacement for Hamrlik can be found through free agency in Pitkanen or Erhoff if possible. But even if they aren't signed the defence looks okay without Hamrlik. Besides, there are plenty of free agents able to provide depth like Babchuck and O'Brien Markov - Gorges - Wisnewski - Subban - Gill
  2. I believe that Metropolit will earn the fourth line centre position and be one of the anchors for the bottom of the line-up in terms of leadership, key face-offs won, penalty killing and puck possession. I don't get why everyone thinks he is a waste pick-up. He played consistently for a fourth liner no matter who he was paired with last year. Watch for a surprise...
  3. I believe that the captain's and assistant captains should represent the core of the team. Therefore: Kovalev or Koivu - One of them will return and one of them will not return. Give it to whoever returns. Lapierre - Assisstant captain. Vocal, leads by example and I believe he could get the room fired up. Higgins - Assistant captain. Vocal; but not yet deserving of the "C". Markov - Assistant captain. I don't think he would be vocal enough.