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  1. If I were GM I would try to sign defensemen Justin Schultz (only 25) to a two year contract. The longer he goes unsigned I think MB can get him at a bargain. He could solidify the bottom pairing with a good offensive outlook and could possibly be used on the second PP.
  2. Wow a fan opinion poll! What if the team is in a winning position/playoff position by the all star break and the opinion poll is positive? Does that mean that all the fans in this recent poll were wrong? Of course not, were fans, we like the flavour of the week. If the flavour of the week becomes winning when the season starts the mood in this form will be a complete 180.
  3. -Muller will bring a new perspective and I don't think he or the existing coaching staff would have agreed to work with each other if they couldn't better the team. -Like the last response, they need to earn it. I'd be happy to see any of these players make the jump into the top two. I think Hudon and Reway will be hard to pass up. -True....but there are only a few of them. Montoya is certainly a more competent back-up then Condon to Price (IMO). With Markov, Emelin and Plekanec getting older I think well see guys like Danualt taking up minutes for Plekanec, Pateryn taking up minutes for Emelin and Barberio taking up minutes for Markov. All those young players that haven't made the big team and the average age is only 27...that is a sign of real good depth. Lastly, I think Sergachev is a huge pick up for the team. He is truly a wild card when it comes to training camp. I'm excited, you should be too.
  4. I am personally really excited for the season to start. I think they have a great line-up and will do well. I think they are going to be very hard to score goals against and I'm going to be excited for every power play because of all the options. Go HABS Go
  5. Everyone is so negative about the defence. I think we all forget that Petry is actually an above average skater and puck mover and was injured for most of last year. Weber is still a 1-2 defensemen. Emelin is tough to play against and is still throwing his body around. Through all the garbage last year, Beaulieu and Pateryn were emerging into a reliable two way defensemen. Barberio is a very underrated skater. The only issue I see is Markov as his age is definitely catching up to him. But he is still a smart player with managed minutes. There are a few interesting options (all are under 30) that should come at a reasonable price. Schultz, Weircoch, Schenn, Russell, Demers. I see: Weber - Petry UFA? - Markov Beaulieu - Emelin Barberio - Pateryn
  6. I agree Subban is going nowhere. If Stamkos is considering playing here I'm sure Subban being on the team is a factor for him wanting to come. And on Stamkos - the numbers line up quite well to get Stamkos this year and we should overpay, even if that means buying out Desharnais. Emelin, Markov, Plekanec and Eller are all UFA's in the coming years, right as Bergevin will have to re-up Price and Galchenyuk. Draft Logan Brown and he is comparable to a bigger version of Plekanec in the coming years. I think there is great opportunity here with Gallagher, Patches, Petry, Subban and Price as a really good core. Stamkos would just make this team stellar.
  7. Vanek should be out and Bournival should be in. Common sense to insert a faster player against a fast team.
  8. Montreal should win this series. The players on Montreal are playing well and have more combined playoff experience as a team. However I could see MT getting out coached by Paul Maclean and either Ottawa goalie standing on his head. Montreal in 6.
  9. Joe is out too lunch. MB fleeced him and cleared salary to sign DD, Eller and Diaz in the next couple of years.
  10. Gallagher scores against leafs tommorrow.
  11. Cole - Desharnais - Paciorietty - Most productive line from last year and stats show one of the most productive in the league based on team position. Bourque/Gomez - Plekanec - Gionta - Although this line has the potential to be a huge catastrophe in terms of defensive numbers, I'm not counting Gomez out just yet. I think the individual speed of these players will be able to create moderate secondary offensive numbers. Moen - Eller - Prust - Creative centre with a couple of wingers who will crash their way to the net. Likely generate chances for ugly goals. Nokelianen - White - Armstrong - All three of these players have the makings of a good energy line with a hard work ethic. Good fourth line for the players available and all can take face-offs when called upon. Markov - Emelin - No brainer. One moves the puck; one destroys. Subban - Gorges - Another no brainer. Similar to above but both are minute eaters and can play in all situations. Boullion - Kabarle - Again, another hitter with a puck mover. Experienced enough to handle all situations as a fifth and sixth.
  12. Looking at the rosters of divisional rivals and other teams that the Habs are going to have to overcome in the following season, I would look at trading Gomez to Colorado for two low picks. I would sign Peter Mueller who is injury prone but may turn out to be an effective centre. He is only 24, plays centre and had a couple of decent years before his concussion on one of the worst teams in the league. Cap space would then exist to sign another depth defenseman. There are still a few available from free agency (Coliacovo, Eminger, Commodore, Jurcina) Then I would just let Therrien go to work and see what he could do
  13. I believe that Metropolit will earn the fourth line centre position and be one of the anchors for the bottom of the line-up in terms of leadership, key face-offs won, penalty killing and puck possession. I don't get why everyone thinks he is a waste pick-up. He played consistently for a fourth liner no matter who he was paired with last year. Watch for a surprise...
  14. I believe that the captain's and assistant captains should represent the core of the team. Therefore: Kovalev or Koivu - One of them will return and one of them will not return. Give it to whoever returns. Lapierre - Assisstant captain. Vocal, leads by example and I believe he could get the room fired up. Higgins - Assistant captain. Vocal; but not yet deserving of the "C". Markov - Assistant captain. I don't think he would be vocal enough.
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