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  1. Jai cru lire que tu voulais améliorer ton français alors j'ai souligné les fautes que j'ai vu et j'ai apporté les corrections!

    Je crois tout comme toi que Gomez aura une dernière chance mais je ne le vois pas à l'aile du 3e trio.

    Merci, Habs_Maniac.

    Je ne sais pas où gomez correspond, pour être honnête. Je crois que Eller doit jouer dans le centre du 3e trio. Mais, Gomez ne devrais pas jouer sur la quatrieme trio. Il est tres faible et il ne frappe pas.

    Egalement, Desharnais et Plekanec inscriront plus des points sur les premier deux trios.

  2. Je pense que l'equipe commencera la saison avec Gomez, mais je n'aprouve pas!

    Gomez doit etre racheté.

    Mon prediction pour l'equipe dans la premier match:










    J'aime Diaz, mais je pense que nous devons donner Kaberle une chance. Kaberle a inscrit beaucoup de points en derniere saison. Mais il doit jouer avec Bouillon. (Bouillon est fort!)

    Gomez.... Gomez... Gomez... quel est-ce que nous devons faire avec Gomez.

  3. I have confidence in Timmins, but i always have doubts when they said "he will be the steal of the draft" why did you wait until the 5th round to pick him up then ?

    I can think of three reasons for him to say that about Trunev:

    1) Timmins was just saying that to comfort habs fans or something to that effect.

    2) It's not completely up to Timmins to decide who they draft and when. There's a collection of people that make each decision. But it sounds like Timmins was pushing hard for him, while the others weren't pushing as hard. In other words, if Timmins had the power, he would have selected him earlier in the draft.

    3) Timmins and the others in the organization knew that Trunev wasn't being considered very seriously by other teams who actually scouted him, so they figured they should take their chances and wait since they could probably get him in a later round. Hence "steal".

    Maybe it's a combination of all three!

  4. Oh yeah, and i should probably comment on the significance of him being drafted in the CHL.

    Maxim turns 18 in September. With him coming over from Russia to play in the CHL at such a young age, he'll be continuing his development as a player, and at the same time he will be "adapting" to the North American style of hockey.

    Consider Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn, and Grabovski.

    At 18 years old, Sergei began playing with the London Knights in the OHL. After two seasons with London, he came to the AHL at 20 years old and later on in the season he became a regular with the Habs! Making and impact in the NHL at 20 years old.

    At 19 years old, Andrei started playing with the Bulldogs. Afer 3 seasons with the bulldogs (some NHL time in there), he became a regular in the Habs lineup at 22 years old.

    At 22 years old, Grabovski started playing for the Bulldogs. He still hasn't solidified a place in the Habs' lineup and he's 24 or 25.

    This sort of shows why Timmins and many NHL GM's want their European prospects to play in the North American Leagues as soon as possible to continue their development.

  5. Maxim Trunev was selected 3rd overall by the Portland Winter Hawks of the WHL in the CHL import draft.

    Other notables in the CHL import draft that were also selected in this year's NHL entry draft include:

    Filatov (1st round NHL, CBJ) went 1st overall.

    Voinov (2nd round NHL, LA) went 5th overall.

    Loktionov (5th round NHL, LA) went 7th overall.

    Flaake (5th round NHL, TO) went 9th overall.

    Looks like Timmins was right about Trunev in that he would be quickly taken at the CHL import draft! This should be interesting.

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