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  1. I dont see a trade coming. My point isnt that the habs arent shoppiung him, i just doubt they will find a buyer. Who would be willing to take a player with huge attitude problems who is making no significant effort to improve, and one who has proven nothing. I hope Martin was smart enough to sit him down and say, You didnt do ( insert problem here) and ( insert other problems). Go back to hamilton and improve that. if you do then there is a very good chance you will be back in montreal for good. blah blah blah, add a cliche of some kind about character building and that crap and your good.
  2. i dont see how you can give markov the captain because he was stripped of his A. he used to be but komisarek took over. i was really hoping this season it would be higgins who was the captain but since hes not here im saying lappierre C, Markov A, and we dont have another player who could be captain. i really hate when they pick new palyers fo a captain and nobody else has done anything to deserve an A because everybody was so selfish last year. i was thinking maybe kostopolous but hes gone. we had two players who are returning who werent idiots last year. Hammrliks bad now. kostitsyns no chance, plekanec sucked last year. Latendresse was inconsistent. metropilit may not play next year. Stewarts too young. gorges maybe.
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