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  1. Hate to say it but Gomez is the obvious choice for me. He has the experience, and he interacts well with others.

    Markov is the fan favourite here, but seriously what has he done to show anyone that he is a leader. Backstop a PP doesn't make a captain. Being able to communicate with the media, teammates, and of course winning Cups is the way to go. Gomez does all that, Markov does that when he has to, but he'd rather pack up his gear before taking to anyone.

  2. Possible. I'm thinking more along the lines that they have a healthy line-up and no one is guaranteed to play on Friday. And since Carbo has shown in the past that he's not afraid to sit his best players if they don't perform, they took him seriously.

    Reminds me of the movie "The Rocket", when the barber was asking Maurice what Dick Irvin said before the third.

    I would love to kow what Carbo said, and I will ask him.

    The Canadiens came out raging in the third. It was very shocking.

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