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  1. If it wasn't for Staubitz Emelin would have a concussion right now. I don't see how anybody can argue that he is worth "the league minimum".
  2. I'm not sure how 900,000/year for Staubitz as I suggested constitutes "big bucks". I'm just saying if he keeps protecting our players, resign him. Before July 1st.
  3. Did you not watch the game? Staubitz blocked Malone FROM THE BENCH. He's probably going to get suspended for that but he did it anyway. That's not protecting our players as a figure of speech or as a sports cliche. That's protecting our players in reality. Emelin has a metal plate in his face, if Malone had sucker punched him he might have gone blind. I don't see the problem with paying money for insurance.
  4. If Staubitz keeps playing this well I'd offer him 2 years at 900,000 per.
  5. I really like the way Staubitz played tonight. I'm quite serious. If we're going to rebuild, we need an insurance policy to protect our young players. IMO, signing an additional enforcer to a 2-year contract is a top priority this off-season. I can't recall the last time a Habs player dominated a fight like that. Did you all see how Staubitz blocked Malone from the bench? If he keeps playing this way, resign him please.
  6. Then he's exactly what we need for a tank. - Facilitates losing. - Discourages cheap shots against our young players if "he's a pretty good fighter". - Keeps the fans happy if "he's a pretty good fighter". Th following lineup is one of the all-time greatest lineups for tanking: White-Gomez-Staubitz Kaberle-Campoli Budaj
  7. Does he actually win his fights or is he a Tom Kostopoulos / Ryan White type of "fighter"?
  8. The fact they qualified him means that the team actually approves of his play, which is surprising given his playing time the last two seasons.
  9. http://www.rds.ca/senateurs/chroniques/321805.html For a third round draft pick? Damn.
  10. He's form Littleton? Did he go to Columbine High School?
  11. I'm really impressed with the Islanders fans for booing him.
  12. I doubt it, he is a failed (most likely) second round draft pick, as such he should be worth less than an actual second round draft pick for an upcoming draft.
  13. He was drafted in 2006, a year before Subban and Weber are drafted. Nothing worse for a prospect than major injuries between draft day and NHL debut. Our two worst first rounders of the decade are Kyle Chipchura and David Fischer, and it's no coincidence they had major injuries between draft day and NHL debut. Carle had multiple major injuries. He's now a top-4 dman -- at the AHL level. It's sad, but I don't think he'll be making it to the NHL in a regular capacity. Right now he might make it for example if we had two more injuries to our D-corps in the next 5 or 6 games, they need to be close enough together that Gauthier might not have enough time to make a trade. This is in addition to the 2 injuries (Markov+Gorges) we already have. These are the low probability events Carle needs to make the NHL.
  14. We've done good in this position in recent years. Radek Bonk, Brian Smolinski, Glen Metropolit, Dominic Moore, Jeff Halpern... we consistently have elite 4th line centers.
  15. I think the only way he'll ever be able to achieve great heights is if Vincent Lecavalier bounces back and becomes a legitimate second line scoring threat. One-trick offensive ponies like TB are limited in offensive capacity.
  16. This guy's in a slump, he's gone 4 games without a goal.
  17. Batman/Superman Apocalypse: 8/10 The Runaways: 9/10
  18. I wish Ohio State had some Habs prospecs, would give me an incentive to go to their games.
  19. I really didn't think this guy would be able to replace to Dominic Moore.
  20. Over at globe and mail, they're debating if Stamkos should be held in the same esteem as Crosby and Ovechkin, check out this dumb comment:
  21. I just saw Superman:Batman Apocalypse. It's a DC animated feature iin which Darkseid brainwashes Supergirl. I quite liked it, it might be my favourite of the DC animated features.
  22. Who would you send packing? Gomez?
  23. Probably the best $600,000 in the NHL.
  24. This is an amazing pickup imo. It means Plekanec and Gomez don't need to spend as much time on the PK, saving their energy. To those saying we should save ice time for young players like Ryan White, I'll point out that Ryan White's ceiling is more or less to be as good as Jeff Halpern, if everything goes right for him. Ryan White also has a higher cap hit than Halpern.
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