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  1. I expect 30 goals from this guy this year if he stays healthy. We saw what he could do last year which went away when he was injured.
  2. I bet it's just people taking the measurements. I don't know anyone who grew 3 inches after the age of 18. I'm going to guess he's 5'10", 185 lbs.
  3. The best he can do is 15 goals and 29 points in a season like he got in 2008-09. He did that with power forward Guillaume Latendresse playing on the third line and thus below his weight, and with Carbonneau giving that line ample ice-time. I doubt he'll ever do that well again.
  4. I like how Michael Jordan dissed LeBron James. http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/...ove?eref=fromSI
  5. Not really, there's an incentive against bottom-6 players producing too much because then teams are not willing to pay for them.
  6. He should have gone to the New York Knicks. I don't understand why he's choosing to play for less money. That said, most of the morons who criticize players who always go for the money should be celebrating LeBron. He didn't go for the money.
  7. People rioted in Cleveland. I thought only Montreal sports fans riot.
  8. I saw some good ones on a flight from sydney to los angeles. Dark Knight 10/10 The Blind Side 9/10 An Education 7/10 Time Traveller's Wife 9/10
  9. Being 26 years old, I never caught the original. I think this new series, on its own, is ok. I'm a science fiction junkie, which means I have a high tolerance for bad science fiction. I do think this show is pretty bad, but I still enjoy it. You have your good-looking actresses, you have narrative arcs that move forward briskly from one episode to the next, you have conflicts between deep and powerful forces. On the other hand, you have characters behaving in completely irrational ways. The resistance is headed by working mother, a former terrorist for hire with a british accent, an alien insurgent, and a priest. How the heck do you end up with this combination of people? You wouldn't - but they want to appeal to a broad audience.
  10. I watch: Caprica V Smallville True Blood I'm looking forward to the Cape. Yup, Kryptonsite.com has a great message board for SV. Did you like season 9? I'm one of those rare people that preferred season 8.
  11. I do think he's playing better this year, and better later on, so I don't know why he's not playing more.
  12. Kyle Chipchura is now the best faceoff center on the team, he leads centers with a 54.2% success rate. http://www.nhl.com/ice/playerstats.htm?fet...iewName=summary I don't know if that includes tonight's game. Lapierre 54%, Metropolit 51.8%, Plekanec 50.3%, White 50%, and Gomez 48.4%. I think this shows what a ***** last year's main argument against Chipchura was - that he sucks at faceoffs. A small sample of faceoffs obtained over 10 games has an accuracy of only 10% 19 times out of 20. Additionally it's clearly not impossible to learn.
  13. What's wrong with wearing a visor?
  14. Between Chipchura, White and Lapierre I hope by the start of next year we have 2 guys to be out bottom-2 forwards. We'll also need every penny of cap space as Plekanec and Price are in line for a raise. Metropolit makes 1 million per year. Those guys? 0.5, 0.85 and 0.688 million. 2 years from now, Hal Gill, Georges Laraque and Roman Hamrlik's contracts are up. Until that point it's gonna be tight.
  15. Chipchura is in no position to complain. Yes he playing better when he was demoted, but only for a half-dozen games, and the only thing other NHL GMs will see is that he doesn't generate points and he's a minus player. Eventually White and Pyatt will be sent down.
  16. Looks like a couple games off for him, Pyatt and White will be getting a taste of the NHL.
  17. jfk, they don't "need" to be big, but imo it's their biggest weakness, and as such adding 1 big guy would be the 1 thing that could make the largest difference. They have very little room to improve in cycling.
  18. The habs are good with speed and counterattack, we're weak on the puck. The 4 on 4 leaves more room on the ice. Our players don't need to fight for the puck. Only Chipchura, Lapierre, Laraque and Latendresse are good at holding on to the puck on this team. The problem with our power play is that we have no presence near the net.
  19. Points will come. He has two passes to Lats in two games that led to posts.
  20. He's lucky none of Pacioretty/Latendresse/D'Agostini/SKostitsyn earned that second line winger spot. If one of them had earned it, Lapierre would have stayed at center, and Chipchura playing like crap is possibly the last we would have seen at him.
  21. I don't think you can just put offensive Dmen on the 4th line. I don't know why people suggest that. Later in the season MAB will be a PP specialist and 3rd pairing Dman. Martin matches lines so having MAB on the 3rd pairing shouldn't be a problem.
  22. Mission Accomplished. He played very well with Latendresse against the better New York team. According to nhl.com he's 51% on faceoffs this year, that was his biggest handicap and he seems to have improved. That probably doesn't include his 5/11 tonight. I think it's his 3rd game in a row of over 10 minutes a game and not being in the minus column.
  23. I can't stand Pierre McGuire. He ruins TSN. I don't know if he's against French Canadians, but he's definitely against Latendresse. Thank God his supposed pleas to be made a GM somewhere have not been granted.
  24. He came off as having chemistry with latendresse which is a surprise. If that can be replicated against some good teams I'll be convinced.
  25. He certainly has that potential, but his time is running out.
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