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  1. He's running out of time, I'm almost surprised he's playing tonight.
  2. I like him, but he has his work cut out for him as Metropolit has played very well.
  3. You're saying he's fine and you made a comparison to his brother. I don't think that's appropriate, as the competition is fiercer for Sergei than for his brother.
  4. At the time Montreal was a bad team with a lot of available spots on the horizon. Now, we're a team of talented young guys and long-term vets.
  5. It's going to be fun hearing the excuses if Koivu gets 76 or more points next year, as well as 23 or more goals.
  6. Every year, the habs sign an undrafted Quebec player who is under 6 feet tall. Beauregard, Desharnais, O. Latendresse, Masse, and now Lefebvre, and whoever else I'm forgetting. The strategy is low risk, is there any precedent to believe it is *not* low reward?
  7. how do you know? The kid was 17 recently, a growth spurt could explain things,
  8. Hamrlik, possibly Cammalleri. I can see Gainey picking Price or Lapierre.
  9. Alex Kovalev if he returns. Otherwise, Roman Hamrlik. Hopefully not Carey Price.
  10. Thanks for the update man you rock.
  11. I wonder at what point Carbo loses his job. Who are some good coaches without jobs right now?
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