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  1. I remember when the Habs lost in the first round (?) against the Senators. Looks similar. Trying to match their physicality but does not work.
  2. Really, I dont see what game plan the Habs are executing. Weird.
  3. Great GDT I love that gif-animation. In fact, in the NHL are some really horrible refs. I have seen a lot of NHL-games and I used to play hockey myself, you might dont believe it, but in the swiss hockey league, we have better refs, and they are all amateurs! No consistency at all in their decisions. Budaj - may the force be with you!! (but dont close your eyes!)
  4. more puck control please, less dump and chase, and stay out of the ... oh wait
  5. Nice GDT, but the critique is a bit harsh. So what have the Habs to do to tie the series? The same as they did in game one, which they only lost beaucause Anderson was stellar, and game two: skate, skate, skate, speed, speed, speed. Dont try to be the more physical team than the Sens. That will not work out. My prediction: Habs win 3:2 in overtime.
  6. Subban took his helmet off, then went to the bench to change the helmet. I think that was fake. He wanted to avoid a penalty.
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