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  1. We are well above average when it comes to goal scoring but when it comes to goals against we are abysmal. The failure to hold leads is a huge problem. When will enough be enough.
  2. Just gut the team keep some pieces. MB has no clue and we need a coach to help these kids mature. When Pittsburgh was floundering years ago they rebuilt with the likes of Crosby and Malkin and look how many years they have been at the top or contenders. Hmmmmmm
  3. We go through at least 2 extended losing streaks that I remember but oh no, lets retool.
  4. Funny the fans can figure out the 3rd period let down but between management and coaching no one can figure out a different approach or attempt at winning a hockey game. Hmmmmmmm
  5. I'll say it for the hundredth time, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Gut everything, and start over. This insistence on retooling for what seems to be a decade or more has to stop.
  6. This teetering we do all the time. Just do a rebuild and get it over with. MB has no clue what he is doing. He insists his way is the right way but at this rate we will flounder till Price and Weber's contracts disappear, and that won't be for a long time.
  7. Common denominators at play. Many players have come and go and let's just use simple math. Bergevin's record has been abysmal and Julien's record since coaching this team leaves a lot to be desired. The only quick way for MB to save his behind, for now, is to change coaches and hope it sparks something. The only trades that would bolster this team right now is if you could trade Price and or Weber and we all know the implications involved there.
  8. You can't fix this D overnight. Price or any goaltender for that matter is only as good as his defence. MB can make a desperate move for a forward, but at the end of the day ( insert sarcasm) this team is terrible defensively. The quicker fix would be to trade Price for a decent return but as per usual we are dealing from a disadvantage and considering Price has a no trade clause it gets harder, unless he wants out and then we will have to trade him for peanuts.
  9. Maybe if they catapult Weber out of a cannon he can be back in the defensive zone ready to take on the forwards?
  10. For the past several years, the more things change the more they stay the same.
  11. No matter what or who plays or fills the roster we seem to be embarrassingly outclassed frequently...
  12. Trade Price while you can for prospects/picks, roster players or whatever. We aren't going to win anything with Price in net. I am not saying he is not worthy but sometimes I think he can only be as good as the D that surrounds him.
  13. Let's all sing together.............."Say goodnight"
  14. And the longer it goes with holding these assets the less we are gonna get. Then by the point MISTER 4 year plan, or whatever it was, trades any of those, they'll be worth 4 pennies rubbing together and note they don't make pennies anymore....