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  1. You guys are too kind.
  2. Thanks all.
  3. I love my team and I love the people on Tsn 690 for the shout out. Without going to detail, we've had some bad news this week concerning my wife's health. Putting things into perspective in what's important in life. Just when you think it's only a hockey game.... just WOW.
  4. The west coast abyss strikes again.
  5. They need to rest Price and they need points. Those two predicaments are certain. The bad thing about resting Price is that lately Niemi hasn't been very good. Should have Bergevin made a trade for a better back up? Maybe, but he better do something about it in the offseason.
  6. They need me and Kinot for good luck. I can't remember to take him!!
  7. If I got a dollar for every time Weber missed the net............
  8. I didn't see any e transfers coming in so guess who we can blame for them losing?!!
  9. Why you gotta try and ruin things?
  10. They don't score often but when they do, they score lots. Score often my friends.
  11. I had a few, maybe several beers but enjoyed every single goal.
  12. I knew they scored too many goals in Detroit!!
  13. The arena was quite the sight to see wasn't it Kinot?
  14. The chants started with 5 minutes left. Habs fans aren't stupid. Even being up by 6 or 7 we know the roof may fall if we get too cocky, too early....