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  1. As long as MB is in charge there is no way he’ll let Weber or Price go. By doing this it would suggest he failed and he’ll have none of that. Sad to say but we won’t make a good run at the cup so the team would be better off missing the playoffs and maybe ownership will snap out of it and fire MB and install A president.
  2. People people people. We're saving ourselves for that Cup run. Relax!!
  3. May someone let me know when it's 3-2 Leafs. No I am not kidding lol
  4. Can we fire the owner too? How many years of these kind of acquisitions do we have to put up with.
  5. I should hope, by now, that our fearless leader, and I use the word LEADER loosely, will not make any moves and harbour any delusions, that such moves will assist this team in making a run. Get over it, move some salary and bring in some youth.
  6. Come on folks, you would think Winnipeg have a huge lead or something. It's only a field goal to tie it. Have faith!!
  7. Average game folks. Let’s underestimate him before MB trades him away for something ridiculous.
  8. Yet MB thinks we can contend. Sorry, we cannot. Weber is slow, cant hit the night, can barely flatten anyone and our albatross Price will cost us a ton way into obscurity. The GM needs to go, enough of his plan, lets go young and do this right.
  9. Waiting on MB to make a beauty of a band aid trade.
  10. 100%. Moving forward this would be an excellent philosophy but with MB's hard headedness, it's unlikely to happen. What he's done or hasn't done, for the most part has not worked. However, with a couple of decent acquisitions this year his head has swelled again.The only way to go is to change leadership at the top, let's get these young guys experience and let's start it soon....
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