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  1. We need a legit PP QB....
  2. I think Molson should petition the league to allow for free agent signings during the playoffs. Seeing that the playoffs are cap free lets toss out a couple more circumvention of the rules right?
  3. There is no way we recover from this. Playing like the regular season Habs again.
  4. Unless there is a significant push back in Game 2 I would suggest we re vote lol
  5. They are playing like the Montreal we know and despise lol
  6. Habs lost 4-1 to the Kings in the 93 Cup Final so let's hope for some cosmic coincidence here lol
  7. We won and that's great, but our master plan of disposing of Bergevin has gone astray now lol
  8. Price must want outta there soon enough. I don't know how he can handle trying to keep this team in every game and get ZERO goal support.....
  9. As long as MB is not around. Otherwise he'll tweak and pick up some bargain basement replacements....
  10. A team that has certainly lost interest in even trying to get in the game. At this point, where do we start to fix this mess next year?
  11. Brilliant moves for sure. Then when it's too late he'll insert CC and Kot and Romanov. Can someone send DD and MB on a one way trip on one of those Musk rockets please?!
  12. As long as this old philosophy sticks around this team will never succeed. We have nothing to lose by playing the kids. For this franchise to flourish it will have to happen eventually or be happy with mediocrity....
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