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  1. But like other issues on this team they continue to fester with no improvement. Like the PP and faceoffs.
  2. Face off percentage is the worst I have ever seen.
  3. Just because his report card is better this semester doesn't mean I trust him. We have some good prospects in the system and I want him to leave it alone for once. Maybe we need to get a different crew coaching the team. There are too many things that need corrected sooner than later.
  4. The most irritating thing about watching this team struggle is no one having any solutions to correct the many issues we are having, AGAIN!!
  5. Can we decline the penalty like in football?
  6. I know I have been drinking but how did Danault get the roughing call too?
  7. Lots of charitable donations from the D again.
  8. The D needs 2 replacements. At this point, juggling players in and out of the press box is not doing much. The only hope is the offseason because a trade will not yield a top 4 D unless he trades one of our assets and we go chasing our tail again.
  9. Because in their mind they think Weber is Jesus and think Benn will be forgiven for his sins.
  10. Like I said, good luck replacing them two. I know pretty much anyone can be better but if this team doesn't have any puck movers back there the PP will be the death of this season, big time.
  11. Couple of trash cans on wheels would be an upgrade on those two.
  12. And how do we fix the D? WE don't because we can't. All MB will do is make a trade for an average player. You trade your assets, eat some salary and fix some glaring holes, especially on D..........