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  1. The curse of the west coast vortex continues....
  2. Is Fleury ready? I am holding out any hope for any new, young D to help us out ASAP....
  3. I would toss it out there that 31 is available. The return COULD fill a few needs. If the go to guy isn't living up to expectations then we wouldn't miss him.
  4. Isn't anyone worried that the Leafs won't come back in their game? If they don't I will never fall asleep!
  5. Unless, we pull the goalie lol
  6. If MB thinks Weber is gonna save the day when he gets back he is severely mistaken. By the time he is in game shape it will be several weeks after he gets game action.
  7. Julien should pay some kids sitting at both ends of the blue line to throw marbles when any opposing player crosses the blue line.
  8. We love them, we despise them. The team is more forgiving towards its fans than a wife would be........
  9. Any goalie in net for us needs to have their head on a swivel......
  10. Last year the talk was if we just scored a couple a game, if not 3 then Price could give us a chance to win. This season, we have a better chance, to score several and then he can't come up big. I think we can win with average goaltending if we had a better D. Pittsburgh can surely do it.......
  11. If I have listen about Price for 8 more years I think I am gonna snap. He's lost his mojo, big time.
  12. Hire an exorcist for faceoffs....
  13. At least the team is resilient. As for the D and goalie. I plead the fifth.