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  1. If we have to rely on Price being super human we are in big trouble again........
  2. MB has made some decent moves. My problem is after some massive failures he pulls them out of a hat when his job is on the line. Reminds me of my kid when I tell him to clean his room or find an apartment.....
  3. Ya, he offer Scott Gomez a try out.
  4. If MB trades for Laine he'll deplete the so called vast array of prospects we have. If he does that, I'll drive him outta Montreal myself.....
  5. Well heck, I hope not. From what I saw last year in person, considering he was out for so long he looked old, slow and incompetent. Especially in Detroit, if Kinot remembers.
  6. The window is small. Price and Weber are getting up there in age and tying up a lot of money. In a couple of years, if the team does not progress upwards I could see Price asking out. Either we rebuild or go for it. I understand the risks of free agency and all but if you don't go for it, then might as well trade Weber and Price, eat some contract and get decent return before 1 or both of them demand a trade and then the organization will be attempting to move them under weakness....
  7. So sick of every summer hoping we have a chance of acquiring someone of significance.Blah..........
  8. For the sanity of all of us Hab fans I would say we ban the word RUMOUR from this forum. What's the point in rumours when it comes to this club anyways? It is like me being rumored to be 6 feet tall ever new year and still be 5'6" tall.....
  9. Well.........according to this video, it is sure missing on this team before this acquisition. Too much standing around and yapping and not protecting our goalies. A welcome change.
  10. This is actually a good move. Tough as nails and gets SOME points.
  11. I would be reallllllly optimistic if he took advantage of the cap space, aka the pie in the sky.
  12. Signed another 4th liner. When some ridicule me for saying moves like this would happen, then voila.
  13. Dreams die hard. But sigh, what else is new. This jackpot tries to pull strings he should have pulled from day one and now is doing so to save his job. Once a decade would be nice to have a contending team.
  14. Well, if this does not work out for Bergevin, he's gonna look like a real AHO. *MIC DROP