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  1. Trade your Honda in for a Suzuki.
  2. Sign AHO to an offer sheet or however that process works.
  3. I won't be able to sleep tonite.
  4. When you are in your 50s or older Hab fans get delusional because they miss they good ole days when the team had a chance at winning.....
  5. If I remembered what I forgot what we were talking about we wouldn't be in this predicament.
  6. Wait. What were we talking about?
  7. Why you gotta be that way.
  8. You kinot be watching the same game I am.
  9. In charge of Habs PP
  10. My heart breaks for Tampa
  11. Why you gotta be that way?!
  12. Trade everybody
  13. Could have acquired Neiderietter for peanuts.