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  1. I thought Benny played well tonight actually except for one absolutely unforgivable mistake in my books. The goal to tie at 2 I think the puck came around to him and he didn't get it out, it went to St.Louis in front and the rest is history. I didn't notice his lack of ice time, maybe because there were so many special teams and 4 on 4 tonight?
  2. I'm definitely not calling for his head yet. He's point per game right now even though its really early. He needs a fair chance. I think he has looked better so far this year in the early going. Only some times I find he is soft on the puck and gives it away too much instead of making a smart play with it. But we haven't seen enough yet this season to get restless. Hope he builds and has a solid game out there tonight creating space for Gionta and racks up a couple more points.
  3. There is no team in the league including Pittsburgh or Detroit that could replace their top centerman with their fourth line center. Halpern is a fourth line center and he is alright at it. As mentioned, he is a good faceoff man, responsible, can kill penalties and at a small cap number. Not saying he is outstanding but we have plenty of depth to fill in for an injury on our bottom two lines. This is better than what we could say a few years ago. Obviously, if Plekanec or Gomez get hurt we will not be able to plug someone in and get the same production (unless a guy really overachieved) but neither can anyone else in the league. When you mention Staal, you are talking about the best third line center in the world imo and the penguins have to sacrifice talent on the wings even on their top line because of this. Our depth at center is improved but we still only have 2 guys that can be regarded as top six.
  4. Thanks for posting that link, very interesting interview.
  5. Another great effort tonight and good game in general by Chipchura. I've been saying give this guy a chance. Some people are way to critical of his play. He shows improvement every game it seems and certainly never ever takes a shift off.
  6. I agree 100%. I especially like the suggestion of laps-chips-lats; that could be a very nice line. And I also agree that if someone needs to be lost then BGL is heading the list.
  7. Bergeron doesn't replace Marky because they have slightly different skill sets but he nonetheless augments the powerplay for sure. What I am dying to see is Markov AND Bergeron on the pp. IMO, Bergerons shot is better than Streit's and even coming up on Souray's.
  8. Saku sure was a beauty. Its beyond me why he couldn't stay on as a second line center, our team would be much stronger and have a lot more leadership and character. Its all about intangibles that don't show up on the stat sheets and this guy contributed more than his share on a daily basis.
  9. I actually dont mind this guy. Actually, I'd keep him over laraque or metropolit if it came down to it. Losing him would be a mistake IMO; he will go somewhere else and prosper because he is taking a little long to develop. He just needs some more playing time with the big boys as he seems to play better in each successive game.
  10. Real Name: Steve Hometown: Bonnecherre, Ontario Age: 19 Favourite Habs: Markov, Gionta, and Lapierre
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