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  1. That's awesome. I live in Buffalo, so That probably wouldn't go over too well here!
  2. Thank you! It's been a looooong time since I've been in his neck of the woods!
  3. Was that directed at me? If so, just to clarify, I was only on the glass during warmups. My seats were 14 rows from the ice.
  4. Here's a few that I took during warmups at the Habs @ Sabres game on Friday night. These ones are from my cell phone, so the quality isn't great. I'll post the ones from my camera as soon as I get them uploaded.
  5. I see your point. It's a valid one, too. I just think that different teams value different positions... differently. lol
  6. I disagree... closers can, in theory, make or break a season. Take the Phillies and Lidge for example. Not one blown save, and it helped lead them to the championship. Now on the other end of the spectrum, look at last years Cardinals. They blew 31 saves... with those extra 31 wins, they theoretically would have finished 117-45. That's insane. (Of course I'm not taking into account the game that they blew, yet went on to win in extra innings...). I don't believe closers are overrated... I would have given anything for the Cards to get 117 wins last season
  7. There's always better options... but for some reason, my St. Louis Cardinals hate to sign them. They hate to spend money... I'm hoping that they'll make up for this by getting a second baseman that doesn't make Cardinal Nation want to barf, and a reliable, consistent starting pitcher.
  8. Khalil Greene is going to St. Louis. They gave up 2 minor league relievers, from what I've read... but their names haven't been released yet. They're saying that neither of the pitchers were on the major league roster at the end of the year though. *crosses fingers* Depending on who they gave up, this might be a good gamble for the Cards... although, Greene DID only hit .213 in something like 105 games last season. Not the kind of numbers I want to see from a middle IFer.
  9. Fuentes was on the Cards radar at the trade deadline, but of course they did nothing. I think he's their best bet at this point. I suppose that would make me a little happier than I am now. No way are the Cards going to stand pat on middle infield... Adam Kennedy asked for a trade, and Aaron Miles can't play 2B every day... and SS? My goodness, what a mess that is. I really don't see Cesar Izturis on this team come March. Another starter, I don't think is at the top of the list for the Cardinals. We've got a potential ace in Wainwright... and he did really well filling in for Carpenter. Thank God the debacle that was Mark Mulder is gone. I wish the best for him, though. I'd like to see him pitch again, but after watching him these past 2 years, it seems like a long shot. Wellemeyer is a decent end of the rotation starter, and Lohse will hopefully be able to have a season similar to the last one. I just hope they don't sign any more reclamation projects fro Dave Duncan...
  10. The Cardinals are all talk... Mozeliak says that he's going to be aggressive this year, but after what I've seen the past few years, I know that it's all talk, no action. They have got to find someone to hit behind Pujols though... or it's going to be a repeat of last season. I'm still holding out hope that the Cards will do something this offseason... but that's just my personality. They've got to get a new middle infield. And some bullpen help... LH relief to be specific. And another starting pitcher would be nice too. Who knows what's going to happen with Carpenter. That starting rotation has been in shambles the past 2 seasons.
  11. Lol, I like the overall look of your sig. And... if you wanna make another one... I'll just point out that pink is my favorite color, and Carey Price is my favorite player.
  12. Rookies of the Year: AL: Evan Longoria, 3B, Tampa Bay Rays NL: Geovany Soto, C, Chicago Cubs
  13. LOVE IT! ...It'd be awesome to see more of these kind, maybe with other players?
  14. The Gold Glove award has always intrigued me... Here's this years winners: National League: C: Yadier Molina, STL 1B: Adrian Gonzalez, SD 2B: Brandon Phillips, CIN 3B: David Wright, NYM SS: Jimmy Rollins, PHI OF: Nate McLouth, PIT OF: Carlos Beltran, NYM OF: Shane Victorino, PHI P: Greg Maddux, LAD American League: C: Joe Mauer, MIN 1B: Carlos Pena, TB 2B: Dustin Pedroia, BOS 3B: Adrian Beltre, SEA SS: Michael Young, TEX OF: Torii Hunter, LAA OF: Grady Sizemore, CLE OF: Ichiro Suzuki, SEA P: Mike Mussina, NYY A few of the NL ones surprised me. Now, I'm not going to hide that my absolute favorite player in baseball is Yadier Molina. I believe that the last 2 years he got robbed of the GG Award... losing to Brad Ausmus in 2006 and Russell Martin last year. Now, don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that he won this year. But... it was probably his worst defensive year that he's had. He did have a respectable offensive year, though, which obviously shouldn't have any impact on the GG, but everyone knows it does. I'm left to wonder if giving Molina the award this year was to make up for the last 2 years. *shrug* I dunno. I suppose I should just be thrilled that he won this year, and leave it at that. I guess I'm just still bitter that he was robbed of it the past 2 seasons
  15. 104 days until pitchers and catchers report..... Not that I'm anxious or anything.
  16. Congrats to the Phillies team..... not the fans Seriously though. An interesting end to the series, but I'm just glad they didn't cut it short by calling the game after 5 the other night. How many days til pitchers and catchers report? lol Go Cardinals
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