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  1. Well at this point he only has 2 points, both assists, in his last 6 games. Pretty significant slump considering the numbers he was putting up a few weeks back.
  2. I'm a little surprised to find no one had started a Stamkos thread yet. But in light of him scoring in 19th goal (and 35th point) in his 19th game I figure people may want to discuss his incredible start.
  3. I heard this too which is so disappointing. Let The Right One In was an amazing film and I've told everyone I know to go see it because it was given very little press on this side of the water. I never know if the general public are generally too lazy/uninterested to watch subtitled films or if the industry is underestimating the publics desire for strong foreign films; or more likely it's a combination of the industry lowering our expectations and desires. Such a shame. The Hollywood version will be all gloss, no heart.
  4. Not saying Koivu is a legend but look at the numbers of some of the guys in the top ten: Gm G A P 1. Guy Lafleur 961 518 728 1246 2. Jean Béliveau 1125 507 712 1219 3. Henri Richard 1256 358 688 1046 4. Maurice Richard 978 544 421 965 5. Larry Robinson 1202 197 686 883 6. Yvan Cournoyer 968 428 435 863 7. Jacques Lemaire 853 366 469 835 8. Steve Shutt 871 408 368 776 9. Bernie Geoffrion 766 371 388 759 10. Elmer Lach 664 215 408 623 It's not like all the habs' legends were scoring more than a point a game. Koivu should at least be commended for his effort and work while carrying fairly weak teams on his back while many claim he should have just been a second line centre.
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