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  1. Wisniewski plays hockey with his heart on his sleeve. I loved him when he played in Anaheim. Tough guy. On one of his first games played for my Ducks he was hospitalized with a brused lung from a hard hit and came back 3 days later to play hockey. He is an agitator and will get himself in trouble from time to time but he will always play hard. Very entertaining personality and should spark your team. Enjoy.
  2. Every since I saw my first live Anaheim Ducks game in preseason 2005, I have been in love with the game. Hockey is the most exciting game I have experienced. All other sports pale in comparison. I was a life long NFL fan but Hockey beats it by a mile. I love the Anaheim Ducks. I am a 5 year student of the game. I am constantly learning new things about the sport. Lets go Ducks.

  3. I just wanted to express a few thoughts as an Anaheim Ducks Fan. We here are well aware of the love you have for Saku Koivu. We know that if Koivu was allowed to stay with the Canadiens He would have resigned with the Organization in a minute. He loved the Habs and did not want to leave his team and his home of 13 years. When the Habs did not resign him, our message boards came alive with the possiblity that the Ducks might get lucky and sign him. For a month rumors abounded to that eventuality. We hoped our own revered Teemu would influence Saku into considering us for his next stop. The thought of those two together on our team was very exciting. We thought he might sign with the Wild and skate with his brother. He could have signed with any team. When the news came through that Koivu would give us a chance by signing a 1 year contract we were very excited. Teemu came through. Saku made an immediate impression with the guys in the locker room and with the Fans. The Coach made him an alternate Captain along with our Ryan Getzlaff. I just want to say we are thrilled to have your beloved Koivu on the Ducks and we hope to get him a Stanley Cup Ring this year.
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