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  1. And then they will own us in a big way, as Ryder does, Grobovski does, Koivu will and Kovalev will, Higgins will and Komisarek will. All of them loved Montreal and all of them got kicked out. Will see how it goes. I guess next to get cut off will be Bob himself
  2. Are you guys for real? He asked for a trade, he does not want to be on this team any more. And yes, his bro is not happy about this ***** at all. He is gonna follow him. And then we'll see who is gonna score for this "team". One line is not gonna get you cup, boys. And goaltendering, is gonna be a big problem again this year.
  3. He is another guy that was promoted way too quickly (there was a lot of that going around for a while ) -as great as the Knights were - the AHL is another major step up - it serves a function in development or it wouldn't exist - very few can, or should bypass it. Agreed. They gave him too much credit, and now just trying to get it back, but it was already spent..
  4. It is gonna affect him really bad. He is not gonna get better playing there. It was very bad move from the psichological point of view. We can forget about him, I see the trade coming.
  5. For sure. At least a point tonight... Please
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