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  1. OK....I have one question....does not the pic or sig in this case need to be posted on an image posting site??? ...Photobucket for example.

    I'm only asking because this is what I was informed needed to be done 1st.....just curious to know,tks.

    If someone has already put the signature on Photobucket, it's not necessary to put it on Photobucket again. You can just right click on the sig, select 'Copy Image Location' and use that link to the signature. It's the same thing as going to the Photobucket site and copying the link they give you on their site to the picture you want.

    But if you've made your own signature on your computer, you need to put it on Photobucket (or any image site) to use it online.

  2. Quick question, I got some sigs Messaged to me, how do I put one up?

    First, right click on the signature you'd like to use and select 'Copy Image Location' which will copy the link to the signature.

    Then click 'My Controls' on the top right corner of your screen and when you're there select 'Edit signature' on the left side of your screen.

    Now right click the text space and click 'paste', the link that leads to your signature should be there now, so wrap it with tags so it looks like this


    Now click update signature and it should work.

  3. Hello fellow Habs fans, I am new here to the forums. Well I saw some real nice sigs in this topic so I would like some opinions on my attemp at making one. I am not very good at graphics and the Kovalev pic was the only one I found that was cut :(

    Even though it is currently in my sig here is the link top it


    Actually that looks pretty good for a first signature! :) But you made a bit of an error in the spelling, 'Canadiens' not 'Canadians'

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