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  1. Running out of room to shovel all of this crap! Winter can home now...
  2. Really need to get out PP going, if we could bury more on them this game would in our favour.
  3. Doesn't seem like they are playing like a team with nothing to lose...
  4. alright boys, time to put your foot down and ralley together and take these guys down. We can put 100 pucks at the net but they need to be quality shots too, so start getting infront of anderson and make his life misreable! Win it for eller!
  5. PP is sloppy...and bad pinch in from DD...he saw weber come down, and he followed.
  6. The girlfriend and I are heading down on the 17 for the game, needles to say after hearing the news today she was pretty devistated. I hope for my sake he has a speedy recovery and he can at least play with a cage.
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