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  1. Living in Edmonton, I have seen plenty of the Canucks this year. Their GM, Dave J has done a tremendous job in changing the face of the team in a short period of time. What can you say about Alain Vigneault? He has been tough on his players making them accountable all season. Of course, having Roberto Luongo, my vote for MVP, does not hurt. He gives them a chance to win every night. I think they have as good of chance as any to come out of the West as they have balanced scoring and play good defence. The Sedins have been terrific taking over top line responsibility. Great on the powerplay and their plus/minus is solid. I am sure all of Edmonton is behind the Canucks. Especially if they take out the Stars and the Flames. They should be Dallas. I think it will come down to the Ducks, Canucks and Sharks as to who can stay hot. Given that the Flames and Oilers had their shot to bring the cup back North. It is with failing hands that we say, go Canucks!!!
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