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  1. Depending on the legal system there, that's not dumb at all. Sounds to me like he essentially got felony charges dropped by admitting to a misdemeanor. That's a good trade off if you ask me.
  2. One of my favorites is when the cops ran a sting in front of a known drug dealer's house. They'd already arrested the guy, but decided to take down as many buyers as they could as well. People would come up to the front of the house and ask the cops (wearing DEA jackets) where they could find the dealer. Cops told them he was out in the back yard, where the buyers would try to buy and get arrested.
  3. I could also see the Jackets going after him. They've had a good track record with picking up Montreal's waived D.
  4. He is on waivers as we speak. Smart move to do it now, before teams have a chance to settle on whether or not they want to claim a D-man.
  5. He's been going straight down hill ever since Signs. The Village was tolerable, Lady in the Water was weak, and The Happening was horrible. I didn't even both with this one, and it sounds like I made the right choice. He had such a bright future after Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs. It's a shame he's tumbled so far.
  6. I loved Due South! The first two seasons were on here in the states, but I had no idea they did two more seasons up in Canada until a cable network bought the syndication rights and all of a sudden there were episodes with the "new Ray." I now have all four seasons on DVD. Last time I got a free trial on Netflix, I got some of his more recent work. Men With Brooms was enjoyable, but I really disliked Slings and Arrows. Passchendaele still hasn't been added to their collection, which is disappointing. He was also in the short-lived ABC series Eastwick. Not a very good show, but it had some decent eye candy and a chance to see Paul in a very different role than I'd seen him in before.
  7. True, but Price would have had zero leverage in contract talks if Halak hadn't already been moved. As it stands, Price and his agent know that the only options the Habs have is to agree to his terms or head into the season with Auld as the starter.
  8. I wasn't talking about the Mossad agent, I was talking about the same person as you. I just couldn't remember his name since he's played so small a part in the scheme of things. I get much more of a mystery vibe from that storyline than a love story vibe.
  9. Were you watching the same show as me? The whole story between her and the rogue agent was just setting up her back-story and setting up a mystery about what his story is. He didn't even show up again until this week's episode. That being said, I like it, but Piper Perabo keeps me from really getting into it. I don't know what it is, but I just don't care for her. I really like Warehouse 13. It's light and fun, which is always a nice change of pace from shows that take themselves too seriously. Still not crazy about Artie, but I love the rest of the characters.
  10. His base salary was 850,000, but with bonuses, he earned 2.2 million. Thus, he arrogantly believe that he deserves a raise on the 2.2 million, as opposed to the 850,000. He has the team by the balls - they traded away a playoff hero to make him the starter. He and his agent know that Montreal's options are to either sign him or to go into the season with Auld as the starter. Just a long list in the ways that Montreal has screwed up the goalie situation for the last 4 years.
  11. Huh? I'm just disputing your opinion that the Lakes are the NBA's royalty.
  12. The Celtics still have more titles than the Lakers and no NBA dynasty was greater that the Celtics during the Bill Russell years.
  13. I actually felt just the opposite. Then again, since Blockbuster didn't have disc 1 of season 1 when I decided to give the show I try, I ended up starting with season 2. I would guess that whatever season a person watches would be their favorite, because it's such a shock to the system. After that, it just starts to get a bit stale. I watched through the end, but it got a bit too predictable.
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