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  1. Thank You tell me more about yourself do you live in Montreal?
  2. Dear habs fans I am new to this forum and wanting to chat with all habs fans. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, I became a hockey fan in 1980 after the "miracle on ice". I saw my first NHL game on cable and started getting into the habs loved Naslund, Lafleur, Gainey, and company. I have french ancestory so I feel that it is only fitting that my favourite team is from Quebec. Id love to someday make a trip to Montreal to not only take in a game but take in the city as well. If I ever get married i think it would be a perfect honeymoon trip, but im so far from that LOL!!! I would love to learn more about not only fans of the Habs but about the city as well, whats the chances of me landing a job in education in Montreal? What would i have to do, got to be some eachers on here. Well I hope to hear from many habs fans, I just subscribed to CANADIENS MAGAZINE so im anticipating that as well as making a trip to Nashville and Columbus to see them play live. BON CHANCE TO ALL HABS FANS AND PLAYERS IN EVERYTHING YOU DO. Todd Delcour
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