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  1. I just use yahoo. The pics aren't all that big though, so iunno. Used to use the gallery on could try that out. Any comments?
  2. First in a while. Please comment, thankszSz.
  3. Dead section is dead. I declare myself ruler of this section.
  4. Alright, that's cool man.

  5. Haha, nah. I just like to ***** them off by lol'ing at everything associated with their team. Gomez, Gionta, and Cammalleri are going to slap Komisarek's backside with a large trout.

  6. It's cool. Did the Leafs convert you to their religion, yet?

  7. I got unbanned, yeah. Now that JL has been banished to wherever, I'm allowed back. Don't really post much tho.

  8. So you're back.

  9. His lip looked weird, so I just lightened it a bit. Still looks weird, but meh.
  10. Thanks guys. A quick non habs one:
  11. You wouldn't happen to have an enlarged version of your avatar, would you?

  12. Don't know where this belongs, but yeah. C+C?
  13. Made another one today: Comments on both would be appreciated...
  15. It's a goal post, I never cut the pic out. It was a manip. It sucks though lol