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  1. I just use yahoo. The pics aren't all that big though, so iunno. Used to use the gallery on www.modsquadhockey.com though...you could try that out. Any comments?
  2. First in a while. Please comment, thankszSz.
  3. Dead section is dead. I declare myself ruler of this section.
  4. sun1

    Haha, nah. I just like to ***** them off by lol'ing at everything associated with their team. Gomez, Gionta, and Cammalleri are going to slap Komisarek's backside with a large trout.

  5. sun1

    I got unbanned, yeah. Now that JL has been banished to wherever, I'm allowed back. Don't really post much tho.

  6. His lip looked weird, so I just lightened it a bit. Still looks weird, but meh.
  7. You wouldn't happen to have an enlarged version of your avatar, would you?

  8. Don't know where this belongs, but yeah. C+C?
  9. It's a goal post, I never cut the pic out. It was a manip. It sucks though lol
  10. Yes, I made it in 3 minutes, after I heard lol...my gooder sigs take longer, and I don't like cutting
  11. Me? Anyways: That was quick sun! EDIT: my border ran away...
  12. You, or anyone who cares, unless, you already know.
  13. Try different effects, like duplicate layer, Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur 2.0, and then overlay or screen it.
  14. Ok how's this sig, of future Montreal Canadien, Wayne Rooney? http://img103.imageshack.us/img103/3743/rooneyxo9.png No ones been answering!
  15. ***Note: WHEN RESIZING, PRESS SHIFT, NOT TO DEFORM THINGS. Just a word of advice young grasshoppers.
  16. Not a fan of the red outline. Everything else is nice. To make a border, make a new layer, use the magic wand to select the layer. Than go to EDIT>STROKE, and put 2 pxls white. Than do the whole thing all over again (new layer and everything) and just change it to 1 pxl black. And voila, you have a border, unless you asked for something else.
  17. I'd look for it, but I posted it in the really big UAG thread, and there's no way, I'm lookin for it lmao. I could try though, I'll see if I can find it, or I'll rehost it if I can't.
  18. *loads shotgun* LMAOOO, I'm just kidding lol GO THEO! I made a Theo sig that reads, "Jose Theodore, David Aebischer's # 1 Fan"
  19. Yeah, some of those haterz just don't understand...*shakes head*
  20. That's much better than my first. Anyways, since there's like WAAAAAAAY too many Aebi haterz on this forum, I made an AEBI sig! I'll put it in my space now...
  21. If yiu wouldn't mind, can you PM me the main Danis pic, for a sig? I understand if you don't though.
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