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Posted Yesterday, 10:33 PM

habs1952, on 27 Sept 2013 - 22:22, said:snapback.png

Old people like Freshie,

You mean yourself. :P

It's great with Smirnoff smiley-confused005.gif:huh:

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Hey, I just forgot, okay?

I forget in 1 hour, and I'm in hot water, let alone a WHOLE WEEK. :o :D

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dan is swiss.

he's a fan.

the horse I just bought....the calmest, sweetest horse I ever met...was for sale because the Canadian company that put in the roof went bankrupt and didn't honor the warranty

if that's not the last word then dan is not swiss.....his girlfriend is in boston with relatives....and i'm not responsible. :)

and by the way I negotiated a peace treaty with boston around st partrick's day only cause I didn't want to drag someone outside and kill him for saying something mean about sarge. :P .

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