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*The one who answers last wins*

Guest LE big fan

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Are you gonna take that 10? ;)

He's actually just up the road a bit :lol:.....maybe his neighbors are cooking something not so nice,lol.

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Hey, it's just common knowledge that Saint John smells. Or at least some parts of it, hence why I try to avoid it. :D

:lol: ok,maybe the west side I'll give ya that (pulp mill)......but,not over here in God's country,* east side....way east :P

Up in the hills :lol:

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With all the internets in all the worlds you still turn to TV for Seinfeld?

And im only a teenager :lol:

You ruined it, I was winning for 8 hours

So this is how Charlie Sheen feels

I have about 4 VHS tapes of Habs games (including the NYs eve game), but I don't have a VHS tape player. :(

Kijiji one or find someone to convert them for you Kinot-1

Take some initiative B)

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