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Bahhh stupid Ryan, 10 million closer my behind trade him :P I considered the game over when both starters left ;)

Disagreed, this proves the Braves immense superiority and finally proves once and for all that Lowe is, in fact, better then Roy.

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How so when Roy went 2 scoreless and the savior Lowe let up a run to Jason Lane.

We'll see your superiority when we meet in the World Series, at least I know Toronto will be there :P

Don't you know about intangibles? Lowe's team is leading right now and his leadership has played a huge part in that.

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So freak, once Snider hits his prime what kind of power numbers could we be looking at? Don't forget, by then he'll have hit free agency and he'll be playing in the new Yankee stadium, so that porch should definitely help.

You just gotta keep rubbing it in don't ya?? (By the way the Jays have a history of locking up star players like Halladay, Rios and Wells so screw off! :P )

We're looking at a .300 hitter with 40-45 homers anually without a doubt. Basically a perennial MVP.

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Todays ST game: The Toronto Blue Jays vs Team USA

The Lineups:


Shane Victorino, RF

Jimmy Rollins, SS

Chipper Jones, 3B

David Wright, DH

Adam Dunn, 1B

Ryan Braun, LF

Mark DeRosa, 2B

Chris Iannetta, C

Curtis Granderson, CF

Ted Lilly, P


Joe Inglett, LF

Aaron Hill, 2B

Adam Lind, DH

Kevin Millar, 1B

Jason Lane, CF

Scott Rolen, 3B

Travis Snider, RF

Raul Chavez, C

John McDonald, SS

Brad Mills, P

Matt Clement, P

Casey Janssen, P

Guess who won? Hint hint it wasn't the first team :)

And yes I am aware that it means nothing, but screw it PLAYOFFS!!!

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