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Your Montreal Canadiens @ Ottawa Senators | November 20th | 7:30pm Est


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ok time for a 5-1 win lets do it

yea i hope george kicks his ***** on saturday night

to be honest, i would love to see komi and cheech go at it again. Cheech wouldn't fight komi last year and he does this year and wins he thinks hes the heavyweight champ! News flash Luchecch!!!!! You were a wuss all last year not fighting and being a baby and you think your a tough guy all of a sudden! Gimmi a break!!!!!!

Komisaurus needs to pound him. End of story.

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I'm not sure about shuffling the lines the way Carbo is doing... We tried Kovy and Koivu 2 seasons ago and it didn't work, why would he go back to it last game?

I understand he's trying just about anything to get some sort of spark going, but for players to click, they need more then one game.

The guys aren't working hard, plain and simple. Make an example, and not an example out of Laps or Begin, one of the big boys. Might shake up some of the others guys who thing they're untouchable. At very least, send em down a line (like he did with S Kos). It'll send a message, "you guys wanna play, well, you gotta show me you wanna play...".

Should be an interesting game tonight, both teams are looking to end a slump. Hopefully our beloved Habs will be the one's to turn things around. Go Habs Go!

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