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St. Louis up 4-1 on the Ducks. Koivu with a goal.

Halak 7 saves on 8 shots so far through two.

Finally tally was 53-14 shots for St. Louis over Anaheim, with Blues winning 5-1. How often did Halak only face 14 shots a game for the Canadiens? My guess would be never.

It's nice to see Halak only give up 1 goal on the 14 shots. I thought he had to see 40 shots a game to be effective. :lol:

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Yes. I mentionned that fact earlier. :P

From what I see the Ducks defence sucks.

it does suck the forwards can't do it all, i bet they're pissed at the d. they're prolly loosing it and turning them to fighting -like with the wings-ryan, koivu and selanne are the ones actually tryig i think all the way through which is why they play good <_<

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