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Is There A Player On The Habs You Think Might Surprise A Few People This Year?


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funny to read this as those are the 2 top forwards I have no "faith" in and not a fan of. Let's see. Hope they both make me eat crow this year! :lol:

I'm really good at those breakout years type of predictions :) I have more faith in Kostitstyn then Pouliot but I really belive all these two need is a bit of confidence boost.

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Lars Eller!

I'm looking forward to seeing Eller play alongside Gionta and Gomez. From what I've heard i feel as though he will compliment that line nicely. Seeing as it see as though our top two lines are 2 skilled speedy guys with one big power forward.

For some i just cant see Poulliot and/or A.Kost stepping up and playing the role we were/are hoping for. But this kid seems pumped up to play and im hoping he comes out on fire. (Not to mention it would be nice to shut the haters up about the Halak trade :D).

If he makes a big splash this year and atleast of the two other do too we could really have a solid top 6!

Hopefully i can have some positive things to say about him tomorrow after the game tonight!

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