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To be fair, Latendresse is a one-time 28 goal scorer. He now needs to deliver the goods consistently while facing increased scrutiny in Minnesota. Not saying he won't succeed, I sure wish him the best.

I agree on Pacioretty but as for Weber, I really haven't seen anything noteworthy during his recent call-ups. He did well when we got swept by the Bruins in 2008/2009 but seems to have taken a step back since then.

That's exactly it, one 28 goal season doesn't mean much. Look at Cheechoo, he was once a 50 goal scorer, now he's lucky if he gets 20 goals per season(and he's still fairly young).

Let's wait and see if Gui continues, one 28 goal season does not translate in success... It's just a good start.

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And where are they now?

Latendresse is a 28 goal scorer

Pacioretty is still young and IMO, was good last year on a line with Moen and Metro, plus he's still young

and Weber can still be a fine D-man, he will most likely quarterback our powerplay in the near future.

Sorry, I agree with a couple of the other people who responded to you. Out of that first camp, the fans and media ramped Gui up as being the next French-Canadian star and that he was going to be the big power forward with the ability to score. He did well in that first pre-season, but that quickly faded and then the coaches lost confidence in him and he pouted when he didn't get the ice time back. Forget whose fault it was, but the fact is that Gui never fulfilled that promise while he was here and it remains to be seen how he will do in the long run. Pacioretty may turn out to be a quality player but he has yet to show he can be an NHL player. Ditto for Weber. They both have attributes but the all-around game is not yet there. I'm just saying that getting excited over a guy scoring some goals in a rookie inter-squad game is just not the same as seeing a guy perform in key NHL games against real opponents.

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