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:lol: My neighbours have a little girl a little older than he is, and she once said,

"he's so cute I just want to squish his face off" :lol:

Ohhhh Damnnnnn!! Better watch out for her...She's the type who will take him for his tricycle and G.I. Joe!

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I think it's about time to post some pictures in here..

Some things from our tree:


First time this one is on the tree.


I never realised before how creepy his face is..


One of my favourites.


My sister and I when we were younger. :lol::unsure:


I made this work of art when I was in kindergarden. I'm surprised it hasn't been broken yet.


I love this one.


My second favourite..


and my favourite one ever. :)

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You can do it,,,just make a cookie that's about 8-10 inches across, and spell out the go Habs go. :) Then you take a pick and post it in your GDT. :D

I'll be baking more stuff for Christmas, I'll try to make a special go Habs go one just for you. And then I'll eat it. :P

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Clues: those cookies look so good. I liked the way the ones with the kiss on top turned out.

_93: Love those shots. The bokeh one and the white tree (?) are nice to look at.

I realllllly want a camera like the one you have. I've been saving up and I think this boxing day I'm going to get one!

No fancy shots, but here's my tree:


That;s my mom under there lol.

And a card I made for a freind with a little charlie brown drawing inside.



While looking through pictures, I found this one from last winter. There's no snow here :(


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WOW 93,,,some of those pics could be in frames,,,really neat.

beaubie,,,,that's a great looking tree you got there. Is it real, because it looks real to me? You have a real talent for doing Christmas cards :) .

They're not expecting snow here for Christmas, not even a dusting :( .

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