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What do you guys think of Bozon's decision to refrain from participating at this years world juniors for Team France?

I think not participating might let us see his value.

His two linemates, who have been partly responsible for Tim's great season may go off to play in the World Juniors.

If I'm not mistaken, Junior hockey does not take a break while the juniors are on.

Bozon will be playing without his regular linemates, and we'll get to see just how valuable he is.

Maybe I'm wrong and I'm only rambling. :lol:

If that's the case,,,,then one of 2 things will happen. Either he will raise the level of play for his linemates,,,or they will lower his level of play. IMO.

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Well lipon is undrafted.. he may be a steal depening on where is picked

So far he has 13G, 19A, and a +19,,,6', 180#.,,,he was invited to the Avs training camp but that got derailed with the lockout. I wonder if he could sign with a team now, or does he have to wait until the draft?

From his coach:

“He’s got the attitude,” Craig Bonner said. “He wants to prove people wrong. He’s a very competitive guy and that competitive edge makes him a better player.”

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Well he is ranked 13th in WHL in the draft rankings the NHL recently came out with...

Im positive that if he keeps it up, he wont be passed up at the next draft.

All i know is that Bozon is the biggest of the blazer's top 3 scorers.. dont watch in WHL since im from pei but it leads me to assume that he would be the net crasher and creates space for the other two.. Colorado picked the blazers leading scorer in the 7th round.. So if you think about it the habs could get all three of these guys.. i dont know how many times its happened where the habsor any team has been able to keep a line together since junior

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