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Who do you think will win the the Stanley cup 2013

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I still think the overall high level of competitiveness of the NE versus the awful nature of the SE makes the 3 vs 6 a bit uneven. Just compare the division records between Washington and all the NE playoff teams. If the sixth seed is from the NE (which looks likely), they'll have a winning record against the SE. No NE playoff teams have a losing record against the SE.

While two points are two points and a playoff spot is a playoff spot, I don't think it's really reasonable to equate a win against Florida with a win against Toronto. If that makes any sense. :lol:

I definitely agree there. The 6 seed will probably be the stronger seed, although at the rate Washington is going, they could end up with the 4th most points in the conference, only sitting 4 behind Toronto, and Washington's points have come quite a bit easier than Toronto's. Good thing its not our problem ;)

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