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How Far Will The Habs Go?



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  1. 1. Habs Clinch PO. Spot, can we win it all?

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If we can bounce back tomorrow I will feel better about our chances. If not...

Anderson scares me though, seriously 50 shots and he still wins the game? How depressing. Now that Eller is out I feel even more discouraged about our chances. I still think we can win, but preparing myself for a hard fought loss. The Habs have suprised us before though so I'm not losing hope.

Honestly - and i hate to say it - but this series will rest squarely on the shoulders of #31. If he can be our best player, we win. Even losing Eller/Gio/Patches, we have the scoring ability to beat them, but we need our goalie to be our best player... i sure hope it happens.

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Therrien needs to give Budaj a chance and pull the EDIT out of net and keep him as backup. We aren't going to get out of the first round with Price playing the way he is. Unless we see a miracle here it'll be better luck next year.

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