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Try and find some better quality pics.

That's one of the things bringing you down.

The Saku wall might be your best. You actually put things in that one such as;

- texture stocks

- lighting

Your text needs work though.

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Kovalev is problaby the best of the three EckCH.

Add some lighting and/or render effects and it'll be even better.

Solid job though.

I disagree, i LOVE that pleks one :). The halak one is a bit girly, not that that's a bad thing. Just not my style, Great job on all of them tho,

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Guest CanadianMike

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lol make me a ZEDNIK sig (the pic of him and Oli on the Panthers from the preseason game last night). Great pic of Zed in a Panthers jersey!

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