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Guest kanudiggit

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Guest habs_fan1160

I was just wondering - these wallpapers rock by the way - if you would happen to have this style with Koivu or Niinimaa?

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Guest Alex-Habsfan23
man thats a wicked avatar.. have any koivu ones like that>

Well, there is one, you can use it if you like. It's the one Newfie_Gurrl29 is using. Other than that I can make one. PM me.

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Guest clarke19

I never really got any feedback on these, I haven't made many for a while so i'm wondering whether ro not i'm losing my touch, don't worry, I know the kovy one is the worst there. :D

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Guest GoHabsGo9
MMM, thank you. Thanks alot. I'm kinda running out of ideas so can anyone give me a request, i don't care if you use it or not i just want something to do.

I thought of something before...

A sig of Huet. I don't really care what the picture is, or the colors, but the words would be (it could be like disappearing(don't know how to explain it) words if you do that kinda stuff)






You can change the order of the words or take some out, but basically something like that.

Edit: For the words I mean like it shows one, then it disappears, then the next one, then it dissapears etc... I'll try to find a sig that has it.

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