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Poll: Will Therrien Be Fired


Will Therrien be fired?  

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  1. 1. Will Therrien be fired?

    • Yes, over the next week
    • Yes, but only at the end of the season
    • No, he'll still be here to start next season

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On 2/13/2017 at 6:59 AM, BigTed3 said:

I don't think MB has the guts to fire Therrien now. I think even though he knows things aren't working, he'll find an excuse as to why he should wait. It's sad, but that's the type of GM Bergevin is, he's not proactive in the least.

However, I don't see how Therrien can last past this season. In our current state (i.e. barring a fantastic trade to bring in a star), I just don't see this team making it past the 2nd round. We're full healthy, and we're playing awful hockey with no excuses to explain why. If the Habs show no evidence of progress, I think finishing this season poorly will be enough for a change to happen. That being said, I'm also not confident MB will do any better at picking a new coach. I don't think Julien will make it to July 1st without being signed somewhere, so if MB is slow to act (as he has been in the past) then we'll miss out. At that point, I see MB looking at guys like Roy, Hartley, Lefebvre, Carbo, Martin, Tremblay, and other recycled Francophone coaches. I think he will refuse to work with Roy on account of personality differences, so my fear is that he's going to replace Therrien with Bob Hartley in the off-season and we'll be no better off.

Yeah, i agree with everything you've said here.

Logically, we've outline every reason why he should be fired but MB seems totally oblivious to it.  Actually, thats not fair, I have no idea what MB does and doesnt acknowledge but he clearly hasnt acted on anything.

My gut tells me that MT will remain coach unless Molson and/or the BOG approach MB and say "its him...or you."  In other words, unless MB is given an ultimatum, I think Therrien remains coach.  Unfortunately Molson is so hands off, I dont see it happening. The BOG might.  After all, MB made a huge move in trading PK  (who i believe Molson really liked) and said "trust me, trust me"  well, we're waiting... 

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On 2/13/2017 at 8:06 AM, BigTed3 said:

Hard to say. You obviously want to give the new guy as much time as possible, but the Habs also won't call a press conference until they are sure they have the successor lined up and signed either. If it's Julien, that means getting permission from Boston to speak to him and working out how to make that happen. 

If thats the case (that they talk to Julien) then wouldnt we know about it beforehand?  It seems like there's always newsleaks about a team asking permission before its even happened?

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16 hours ago, jeff33 said:

hes in the what trophy conversation??? o_0 

anyway, hilarious to see that just like last year, its plain as day to the entire hockey world

Yup, pretty much the whole hockey world plus the fans, plus possibly the players think MT should go. Yet steady as she goes as we steer toward the iceberg.

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