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Division I Football championship Alabama - Georgia 8:00 P.M. Mercedes Benz Stadium  Atlanta.  This game comes down to who can render the team one dimensional and whose passing can bail out the run game.  

How Alabama wins:  Offense - Run the ball at Georgia, use a ball control offense to keep Georgia high powered offense on the sidelines.  The Crimson Tide will need to keep the score around 21-17.  Use short to medium pass routes to test the Bulldogs' ability to make tackles after the catch.  Limit turnovers.  

Defense - Load the box and keep Georgia run game toward the middle of the field.  Leave the secondary in pass coverage and force Bulldog quarterback Jake Fromm to throw underneath.  Limit big plays.  

How Georgia wins:  Offense - Pound the ball at the Crimson Tide.  Force the secondary to the line of scrimmage for shots downfield.  

Defense - Load the box to shut down the run and force Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts to throw at least 30 - 35 times.  Use blitzes.  ]



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Saturday's NFL playoffs.  Philadelphia 15 Atlanta 10.  Goalline stand by the Eagles preserves the win.  

                                         New England 35 Tennessee 14.  Tennessee is now looking for a new head coach.  



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Yesterday's NFL playoffs.  Jacksonville 45 Pittsburgh 42.  Curious playcalling and turnovers by the Steelers.  

                                           Minnesota 29 New Orleans 24.  Game winning 61 yard touchdown pass with no time remaining.  Play was set up Minnesota's clock management on Saints go ahead field goal drive and a poor defensive play by Saints safety on the play that started with 10 seconds remaining.  



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Yesterday's NFL Conference championships:  New England 24 Jacksonville 20.  Mistakes on defense - penalties - which aided two New England scoring drives, a delay of game penalty that wiped out a Jacksonville first down.  A sack on the next play forced a punt.  

Philadelphia 38 Minnesota 7.  Domination of the line of scrimmage, big plays on both sides of the ball by the Eagles.  Field position and special teams set New England's winning touchdown.  After pinning the Jaguars deep in its end, a punt was returned 20 yards to the Jacksonville 30.  The win was sealed by Blake Bortles' inability to throw the ball accurately.  



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