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19 minutes ago, maas_art said:


I think its basically impossible 1st gets moved because it would (as Malmacian said) take balls of steel. No GM is likely to move Lafreniere.  However, IF it somehow did happen i think it would take two things:


1) You'd need a team that already has elite talent. Buffalo for example, if they won the lottery, already have Eichel and Dahlin and some very nice pieces like Oloffson, Reinhart, etc.   So would they be better with one player (Lafreniere) or say 4 or 5 good players?   I could see you enticing them with a package that includes Suzuki, Domi, Romanov, and probably a couple of other pieces. Ottawa, if they win 1st OVA are not moving that pick - no way, shape or form. They need a superstar talent as much as we do.  Now you could certainly argue that trading for that pick is foolish - i mean we'd be 100% in a rebuild at that point - but what a guy to rebuild around. 

2) Our own pick has to be higher. I just cant see any team trading away 1st for a package that drops them back to like 8th or 9th.  If we have say the 3rd or 4th pick.. .maybe you have some wiggle room.  They cant get their 1st choice (Lafreniere) but after him there's a fair bit of dispute so its not out of the question that a team ends up getting the guy they wanted 2nd most with say the 4th pick. 


Again, i totally think its moot. I dont think anyone is moving that 1st OVA pick but i think it would take a ridiculous offer to make it happen. 

I agree, especially that no GM has the testicular fortitude to actually pull the trigger on a trade that involves the first overall


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54 minutes ago, jennifer_rocket said:


Let's say Montreal has the, hmmmmmmmm, eighth overall draft pick in 2020. Would anyone trade the first overall pick for the eighth overall, a 2020 second rounder, Kotkaniemi, Poehling, and Brook?

At this point, I think 3 of the assets you listed have minimal value. Poehling projects right now as a bottom 6 forward. Brook had bad start to his professional career and has minimal value until he can prove something. And the 2nd rounder is nice but only has a 10-15% of becoming a regular NHLers, so isn't much to talk about. So it's three second-tier assets, Kotkaniemi and and 8th overall and that doesn't cut it.

If we're drafting 8th overall, I think it would take us trading another asset like Price, Weber, Petry, Gallagher, or so on for another top 10 pick, then packaging that pick with the 8th overall, a future 1st rounder in 2021, and Suzuki to be able to move up, and even then it depends on what team we're trying to deal with... likely not worth it to us because whatever deal it is will almost certainly be an over-pay, especially with teams knowing we want Lafreniere. I think the only ways we draft him are if we win the 1st overall pick in the lottery or if we win pick 2 or 3 and then put together some type of a better package from there.


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