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Trying to get back into Marshall to go for a doctorate

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Here is the latest from Basketball Friday Night. More MU Report coming soon. Sorry for not being around more lately. I have been that busy at night with Basketball Friday Night, as I compile scores every day for the high schools in WV. Enjoy! I do not get on the air, but I work behind the scenes compiling scores for the show and during the week. It has been very rewarding.


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Here is the final Basketball Friday Night for the season and the final one of my internship. It was a fantastic experience and the best internship of all the ones I've had.

There are still two more MU Reports to do after this next one gets posted.


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I want to let everyone know that I am trying to get back into Marshall. this time, I want to go for a doctorate in education - curriculum and instruction.

I have taken the Miller Anthologies Test and did well on it. More than enough for their program. I have also submitted the other materials they have asked for. I may have to go down there and interview with them.

You don't have any idea how much I miss everybody down there.


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