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On 7/8/2021 at 5:29 AM, ramcharger440 said:

Yeah I understand looking to get a diamond out of the rough but we don't have to do that every time! once in a while it is ok just to take the guy that will be good enough right away!

I think a lot of the time we're drafting high celiing risky players because those "good enough" guys are mostly pretty easy to acquire via trades or even free agency (see Toffoli, Anderson, Hoffman etc).   But if you can somehow snag a top pairing/top line guy at a point where he shouldnt be available, I take that chance.   Caufield and Romanov are both good examples of guys who look like they will be much better than where their draft position suggests...


On 7/8/2021 at 5:39 AM, claremont said:

It is hard to defend KK with the he just turned 21 line - Yes - Tkachuk has progressed faster than him, but I am not one to throw the baby out just yet. He has flashes but no consistency. He certainly needs some better linemates to succeed. Next year will be his Galchenyuk year - he either makes a significant jump or is on the treadmill.

The team has been built from the goalie and defense out - I think the Suzuki / Anderson / Caufield line could be dynamite, but we need more scoring up front

Agree on all of this.   JK could still be the best player from his draft year. Yes, he's behind Tkachuk and Svechnikov right now (he's still top 5 in scoring from his draft year) and some people might say Quinn hughes is better but when you look at the complete package, im not convinced.  Tkachuk is absolutely brutal defensively. He'd be pasted to our bench. Hughes is also not great in his own end.  So its not all points.  JK is still but there. 

On 7/8/2021 at 6:24 AM, Regis22 said:

Instead of us always  saying he needs better line mates  to succeed how about he makes his linemates better 

Sure but there are very very few players who can do this.   You are much more likely to acheive success by spreading talent across your lines. So rather than an elite centre & two middling wingers,  3 quality forwards *should* give you more success.   Anderson should have better linemates this year - as should all of our top 9 tbh. 

27 minutes ago, HabsAlways said:

It's hard to fly like an eagle when you're stuck with turkeys.   You can put a liptstick on a pig but its still a pig.   

You keep sticking guys like Byron, Lehkonen, and the other plugs with KK and yeah, he can only make them look better so much.     In the playoffs for example there were at least a dozen really great passes KK made to a guy with stones for hands who then proceeded to cough up the puck

Assuming we dont trade for a top 6 centre, I think JK will get good linemates and Im actually cautiously confident he will have a break-out season this year. 

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2 hours ago, ramcharger440 said:

I feel like Josh is going to have a big year not sure why but we have so many wingers who can produce I feel like it takes a bit of pressure off as it is hard to cover every line equally.

For sure.  The potential is there, for a few guys to have career years.  That's what it might take, to make the playoffs. Still hoping for a high end D pickup. It is still our most critical need.

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